P & Q: Cream Scones

I’m thinking that these will be fabulous with iced coffee.  Or just about anything.  What’s your best scone trick?

12 thoughts on “P & Q: Cream Scones

  1. I have my daughter and her 3 little kiddos visiting. I was hungry for scones and was excited to bake a TWD recipe a few days early (I often quickly bake Monday evening).
    And I do love scones. Sad story, I was completely out of flour. I buy fresh ground flour at a local mill by the 50 pound sack. I am NEVER out of flour, until today. No scones for breakfasts and an emergency trip to Lehi Roller Mill today.
    Hope your day is better.
    On a different note. What is your favorite bundt cake. I’m doing the refreshments for a friends farewell party (her 19 year old son is going on a 2 year mission for our church). I thought a ‘bundt bar’ would be fun. Several different bundt cakes, a big bowl of sliced berries and whipped cream. I need to serve 50-75 people. Bundt ideas please??

  2. I’m happy to report my scone technique is getting better! These were delicious. I made sure to just handle them lightly and quickly.

    We enjoyed ours with delicious raspberry jam, butter and honey.

  3. these were sooooo good!! my two tricks are 1) grate the butter and pop it in the freezer for a couple minutes while you prep the dry…then you can just toss the cold grated butter into the dry without working much, and 2) pat them out a little fatter to get higher scones (you won’t get as many, tho…i got 4 per half rather than 6)

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