Welcome to our new meme!

I’ve seen a number of posts with “30 things in 30 days” as the theme.  For instance, my husband and his friends have been doing a “30 songs in 30 days” meme.  Each day they are supposed to write about a different song (one that’s your favorite, one people would be surprised you like etc) and add a clip or snippet of the song.

Since we are all food enthusiasts, I thought a “30 foods in (some number) of days” could be an awful lot of fun.  Being realistic, I know that writing every day is tricky.  I’ll post a new prompt every few days.  I have some ideas percolating already, but I’m always looking for more.  If you think you have a good prompt, leave it in the comments below.

I think a quick response in the comments is probably the best way to be able to see the everyone else’s answers to the prompts.  If you have a recipe or a longer response, however, leave a link.

Have fun with this one.  Look for the first prompt in the next day or two!



3 thoughts on “Welcome to our new meme!

  1. I think this sounds fun. Season produce and recipes would be good for me. I’ve had a blast at farmers markets, my CSA produce and garden. Is that along the lines you are thinking?

  2. Great idea and a great “prompt” for making blogs a little more active (especially mine).

    How about _____ in _____ days using only ______ words? The image/oost could be anything food-related (summer produce you’re growing or enjoy buying). Instead of having folks dread writing (including me) – why not limit it to a certain # of characters (like Twitter). See how creative you can get with only ____ words! Just in time for the ‘dog days of august’….

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