Our new meme – Day 1

What is the best recipe that a parent taught you to make?

Either comment below or link to your blog.  I’m hoping for recipes!


22 thoughts on “Our new meme – Day 1

  1. Well, let’s see. My mom didn’t cook that much and never encouraged me. The only thing I knew how to cook when I got married was Tuna Noodle Casserole. And it wasn’t that good!!!!

  2. My mom made these baked apples one time that had a red sauce on them. I thought they were the best thing I had ever tasted. Sort of like candied apples only with melted red glaze. She never made them again and we could never find her recipe for them. If anyone has a recipe for anything similar, please let me know. My mom also made the best cornbread on earth.

  3. Oddly enough, my mom mostly cooked out of cans, and what she taught me indirectly was a desire to make things from scratch. She always said my love of cooking was a mystery to her and she didn’t know where I got it.

  4. Mine is actually from my dad. Every year at Hanukkah, he was in charge of the latkes. It was a HUGE production. We’d peel pounds of potatoes (5? 10?) Then he grated them all by hand in our enormous 13 qt. bowl. Next he grated in some onion. A little skin usually went in there as well – “for flavor” Eggs, flour, salt, and pepper came last – all mixed, literally, by hand. There was never a recipe, he knew by the look and feel of the batter if it was ready. Two 12″ frying pans were coated with oil and it began. It usually took about an hour to get through all the batter. We always tried to sneak one before the meal. The house would smell of fried potatoes for days.
    When I make them, I still do it by hand. I’ve occasionally used a Cuisinart assist, but I always feel guilty and I’m convinced they don’t taste as good. ;-)

  5. My mother was an incredible cook, she used to tell me that she did not cook at all when she and my father married and trust me, even today that seems impossible to believe. She did not often use recipes but sometimes for baking she did. She passed on a recipe for a sour cream pound cake, that is absolutely divine. I’ve seen it replicated a time or two, but most recipes leave out or shrink some of the components. Needless to say, that is a huge mistake!

  6. My mom passed on a wonderful pasta sauce (or “gravy”), and it’s about the only red sauce I really crave. It’s basically onion and a little garlic sauted in olive oil, with some red wine thrown in, then some crushed tomatoes. Then you put in a pork chop or two to braise. Fantastic.

  7. This is hard for me. I think at the top is Potato a la Creme & Chicken Pie. Then Chicken Romano. I’ll keep thinking.

    PS. Does anyone know how many more recipes we have left?

  8. My mom made the best mac and cheese-no recipe- and I make it the same way-no recipe, but basically, you cook about a cup of dried macaroni, drain it-then mix together 2 eggs and about a 1-1/2 cups milk, Butter a glass dish-combine the cooked macaroni and egg mixture. Put that in the buttered dish.
    Add shredded cheddar to taste-1 to 1-1/2 cups depending on how cheesy you like it. Dot the casserole with butter and bake 350° until set and browned some.

  9. We had several fruit trees in the yard I grew up in…My mom would have my 2 brothers and I pick apricots, apples, plums, rhubarb and cherries. My dad laid out old screen doors and we would help my mom lay fruit on the screens. We had the best dried fruit to snack on. As well she taught me how to make the best pies from the fruit we picked. I think my favorite time in the kitchen with my family,was on Christmas eve when I was 10. We had a hudge snowstorm that day and my brothers and I were getting restless. My mom had us pull taffy. In our cosy kithcn with the fire roaring.we laughed and pulled taffy until are arms ached. I’ll never forget that Christmas!!

  10. The one recipe that my mom taught me that I deem the best is her Klopse (German meatballs in gravy) they are amazing (I would share the recipe but my mother might shun me ;P). but close seconds are her own version of crepes, meatloaf, chili con carne and something we call ‘the dish’ since it was just made up and has no real name (it’s basically baked ziti using penne pasta LOL). mmm i think it’s time to call mom up and request some dinnerrrr.

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