P & Q: Chestnut Scones

More scones!  Yay!


7 thoughts on “P & Q: Chestnut Scones

  1. Has anyone had any luck finding chestnut flour? I have not tried Whole Foods yet, but I did look at a couple other specialty stores and did not find it.

  2. I looked at Whole Foods, the local organic co-op and every grocery store in town and no luck. I did finally find it at an Italian market in Pike Place Market, Seattle, but it was $14 a pound and that was too expensive for me. I made them with coconut flour instead.

  3. I ordered the chestnut flour online when I first joined TWD. Back in January I baked these scones and a couple of other chestnut flour recipes. The scones are yummy.

    I think you could probably substitute another nut flour, such as Bob’s Red Mill almond flour. One thing I’d not is that the chestnut flour is very fine and floury, so some nut flours/nut meals will be coarser and the texture will be different. Coconut flour is quite floury, but you might have to increase the liquid a bit because I find coconut flour absorbs so much.

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