Meme #5

What’s the one food item in your house that makes you, well, embarrassed.  Is it the canister of Tang hiding in the back of the cupboard?  How about the can of spray cheese tucked in the corner on a high shelf?  Or is it the Pop-Tarts in a low drawer so you don’t have to get up early on a Saturday and make your kids breakfast.  Or is it the Pop-Tarts in your house and you have no kids….


9 thoughts on “Meme #5

  1. I wouldn’t call mine so much embarassing as necessity. Cream of Chicken Soup. It always makes a great casserole when combined with so many things. I guess I should probably be embarassed that i find those packets of Creamy Chicken rice sides every bit as good as risotto that I’ve stirred for half an hour.

    I will admit to keeping a box of Kraft dinner around. *hangs head in shame* I like the powdered cheese!

  2. Chicken mushroom ramen noodle soup. It’s the only soup I’ll eat when I’m sick since I don’t have the privilege of someone cooking for me.

  3. oh goodness where do i begin?? let me note a disclaimer: my hubby is very VERY attached to his preservatives and boxed meals. that being said, i have the following on hand right now: shake and bake (in both chicken AND pork) boxed mac and cheese and rice, pop tarts, instant pudding, a packet of sugar cookie mix (that is mine) ramen noodles (that’s both of ours) and there’s usually at least one bag or oreos in our fridge. there’s more but i’m already shying away in shame LOL!!

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