P & Q: Tropical Crumble

Mmm, this sounds so summery!  Now all I need is an umbrella drink.


16 thoughts on “P & Q: Tropical Crumble

  1. I will be interested to see how this recipe worked for everyone. Granted I made a bunch of substitutions to fit ingredients I had on hand, but mine kind of flopped. Tasty flop, though!

    • I’ve reviewed my notes and the problem I had was too much butter in the topping – did anyone else have this problem? I think I measured everything correctly, but wouldn’t bet the farm that I did.

      • Just looking at the amount of sugar and flour compared to the amount of butter for the streusel, that sounded like too much to me, so I only used half the amount in the recipe. The streusel formed almost a praline top–it was good. This would have been swimming in butter if I’d have added all of it.

  2. I subbed pineapple for bananas and the crumble wasn’t nice and crisp. I figured it was increase moisture from the pineapple. It wasn’t too pretty, but it tasted so good! I’m not sure if there was too much butter in the topping or what. I put it in a sundae glass and it looked great!

  3. I just took mine out of the oven and it’s very wet. It looks like the fruit juices bubbled up and covered the topping. I poured off some liquid, but I don’t think it’s possible that it will be crisp on top, even if I let it sit for a while.

    • Anne- I was totally scared about the bananas but I went for it and followed the recipe exactly.

      It’s a unique dessert and I thought it was delicious. I’m with everyone about the butter thing–it is very buttery. But, I’d still make it exactly as Dorie suggests. Good luck!

  4. i haven’t made this yet, but, yeah, it looks like there is a ton of butter in the topping. also am wondering if the fruit part is too wet becasue i notice there isn’t any thickner like cornstarch of flour? i may have to make a few modifiactions after reading these comments.

  5. I found that the topping was soft and cakey rather than crisp, which is surprising for a crumble. However, I didn’t have issues with the fruit being too juicy for the topping. I made mine on a pastry base so I could serve it at work as a slice.

    • My topping, though I did only use half the butter formed like a praline-like crust on top. That was the best part of the dessert. I didn’t care for the cooked bananas and mangoes.

  6. I just returned to the tropics (Mexico) where I live after traveling for nearly 3 months in the States visiting family and friends. I have many recipes to catch up on for TWD. We have a variety of mangoes in season right now. I don’t care for baked bananas, so will sub some other fruit. This will be a perfect re-entry for me. I hope everyone is having a good summer. We sure did hit heat in Kansas and Texas – YIKES!

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