12 thoughts on “P & Q: Golden Brioche Loaves

  1. I enjoyed this one – I have never had brioche before, and l love how this bread tasted like a cake. Instead of a second loaf, I made a brioche apple tart. I was astounded at how all that butter eventually worked into the dough – just keep mixing it and it does eventually all combine.

  2. We used this recipe eons ago to make the Pecan Sticky Buns and Raisin Snails! So delicious. I am rewinding the raisin snails with one half of my brioche dough.

    The one thing I will caution: WATCH YOUR MIXER. It will dance all over the counter when beating the dough, even if you have a heavy-duty one as I do.

  3. Brioche was a first for me. I did not find it difficult to make but it was time consuming. I think, I was so sure, I was going to fail that I only made half. Now, I am sorry.

  4. I’ve made bread machine brioche before with very good luck. Will try it again with this recipe. On our vacation to Provence this past May, my favorite pastry above all the chocolate and almond filled croissants and other decadent pastries was a simple brioche!

  5. I recently found out that brioche dough freezes really well, for quite a long time. I had some dough in my freezer for longer than I’d like to admit; I chanced making something with and it turned out great! I plan to make the loaf this week and freeze the other half to make sticky buns in a couple weeks.

  6. I just purchased a Pain de mie pan while in the States. It is the larger size, but Dorie’s recipe make 2 loafs, so the size should work. The KA post mentioned above has good info. I will give it a try. I look forward to see how everyone did with this one.

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