September recipes and a note for our bakers

I was just looking at the list of remaining recipes and realized that we are thisclose to ending the book.  I know, because I am struggling to bake every week, that it’s tough to keep up sometimes.  Please don’t feel that if you miss a week or two that you will be dropped.  We really just want as many people as possible baking along with us as possible.

Having said that, these recipes are enough to tempt anyone to join back in!

September 6 – Jessica of My Baking Heart chose Chocolate Spice Quickies  on page 140

September 13 – Anne of Anne Strawberry chose Classic Brownies  on page 88

September 20 – Tia of Buttercream Barbie chose Salt and Pepper Shortbread on page 128

September 27  -Becky of Project Domestication chose Flip-Over Plum Cake  on page 42

Also, if you haven’t had a second chance to host and you are still an active/current member, please leave me a note in the comments section so I can get you into our host lottery.  Thanks!


26 thoughts on “September recipes and a note for our bakers

  1. What are we going to do? I can’t stand the thought of TWD ending. I would love to host again. I can’t wait to make these recipes!

  2. I have been thinking about the TWD ending of late as well. I was thinking that perhaps as our last post we could each take a photo of ourselves holding our butter stained copies of BFMHTY and send it as a thank you card for Dorie. Just a thought.

  3. Some answers – we have 13 more weeks (the plan is to end at the end 2011) and 18 more recipes. If we include two rewind weeks, it looks like we’ll do some doubling up of weeks. We’d do a choice of two recipes as opposed to having to do both. Though, no one will stop you if you choose to bake both recipes.

    Love the idea, Andrea! I had been toying with the idea of having everyone photo their (ab)used books. ;-)

    • I’m so excited (yet so sad) to end the book. It’s been the most amazing journey. I call it my “Bachelor in Baking!”

      A photo of us and are books is awesome! And I would so fly-in for a meet-up!

      One more thing. I’d love to have someone (or help myself) figure out some fun statistics about the ingredients/recipes from the book. For example, to have figured out how much butter we’ve used, pounds of flour, cups of sugar, etc. And then also, how long our ovens have been on, etc. I think that would be rad.

      Maybe I should start working on that now. :)

  4. And the next question is:
    Are we going to have an end-of-TWD get-together? It would be great to plan something for New York in the early Spring. If we have enough notice, maybe we all could find cheap enough transportation, and/or begin saving our pennies. It might be a pipe dream, but I think it would be amazing to meet as many fellow-TWD-ers – and Dorie!! – as possible.

  5. Hey! As before, I still would like to host – for my first time. I already wrote an email, I guess in April and again in June and/orJuly, can’t remember anymore, which recipe I would choose.
    Answering in 24hours can be tricky for me as I live in another time-zone what means I sleep for about 12 of the 24 hours I have for responding…
    So, maybe you can just plan me in for any given week, I don’t care anymore for holidays or work-loaded weeks.
    Thanks and all the best

  6. TWD has been a wonderful experience and getting to know everyone. I hate to see it end. Although I am totally slacking this month due to vacation and a herniated disc in my back. Can we not find another book and keep it going somehow?

  7. And here’s a comment from the other Peggy:
    My book has a nice patina of butter on it as well as flour in the creases and my notes all over the recipes and a wonderful note written by Dorie when I went to see her in Kinston, Ontario last year. I’d love to join folks in NYC. I wonder when Dorie can fit us into her schedule?

    I’m such a loyal fan of Dorie that I can’t imagine doing any one else’s cookbook. Maybe we could post variations–our own, or Dorie’s “playing around” suggestions. Or we could go through all the “indispensables” at the back of the book. Do you sense that I don’t want to let go of TWD yet?

  8. I think a TWD get-together would be AWESOME! I also think we should all post pics of us with our well used Baking books on the last post! :) I can’t believe that we are almost done! :(

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