Meme #8

This one is all about recipes.  Where do you get your recipes these days?  Are you a fan of a good cookbook (other than our favorite!)?  Do you immediately turn to the internet?  Do you use mostly recipes from family or friends?  Or do you fall into the “what’s a recipe?” camp?  Do tell!

13 thoughts on “Meme #8

  1. I use cookbooks most of the time and my old recipe box with recipes from my grandma and mom. Occasionally I use recipes from the internet. I use the cookbook Taste without Waist a lot!

  2. I use a few online recipe sites, like King Arthur Flour, Fine Cooking and Cook’s Illustrated. But I’ve also been trying to use my cookbooks more–I have lots of them. If you haven’t seen it, I have to recommend Eat Your Books:
    They’ve indexed a ton of cookbooks. You make a list of yours, then you can easily search by ingredients to figure out if one of your cookbooks has a recipe that you can use.

  3. For cooking, I use the internet, mostly epicurious. For baking, I usually look to specific authors, usually their cookbooks, but sometimes online (esp for Lebovitz’s blog). I really like Toba Garrett, Maida Heatter, and Rose Levy Beranbaum.

    This is really interesting to me! What internet resources do you usually use?

  4. I love The Pioneer Woman, I’ve tried maybe 10 of her recipes thus far and all came out a winner. Still, after all these years, I look at the Daily Recipes on I often turn to my books or magazines from the folks at America’s Test Kitchen. My biggest source for recipes, however, are from a (approximate) 30 cookbook collection from Gooseberry Patch.

  5. I love cookbooks. I have about 50 foot of them on my bookshelves. If I find a recipe or two I like from the internet and the author has a cookbook- I usually end up purchasing the book. I have a well documented Amazon problem.
    I read cookbooks like novels and get a feel for how to put ingredients together. Generally the only cookbooks I have that I haven’t made several recipes from are the high end food porn ones- Like the Big Fat Duck Cookbook. That said I love seeing how they put together their flights of fancy.

  6. I too have a slightly embarrassing cookbook collection (around 50-60), and I feel like I should use them more – that’s why I initially started my blog. I find myself bookmarking other people’s internet recipes so frequently that I often turn first to my bookmarks when I’m looking for something. I am also using (as Di mentioned) to try to find things more easily in my collection.

  7. Mostly from the internet or food magazines. I have exhausted the majority of family recipes and while I have an extensive cookbook collection, I rarely use them. I read cookbooks like novels and then they go on the shelf. Occasionally something will pop out at me and I will make it but usually they just look pretty in my kitchen! hahaha

  8. I used to go to the Internet for recipes alot but recently have been reading more n more cookbooks n I think it is more fun to make something out of a cookbooks ….. !!! Specially a well written cookbook

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