Meme #9

Is there an ingredient or recipe that scares you?  One that you think would be interesting to cook (or cook with) but you just don’t know where to start?  Maybe we can get you over your fears!


15 thoughts on “Meme #9

  1. Scary recipe – french macarons! I made them 3 times for Daring Bakers and they fell flat each time. I was a stressed out, almond-flour covered mess.

    Scary ingredient – dried beans. I’ve used canned for years and dried beans just sound like a LOT of work!

    • I cooked white and black beans for the first time this week. I was really nervous since I’ve only ever used dried pinto beans before. I make refried beans in the crockpot though and they turn out great- I just add a couple cups of beans, a diced onion, a little garlic, salt, and cumin and fill the pot almost to the top with water. When I come home they smell great and taste so good with cheese, on burritos, as bean dip- and they are super super cheap. I hope you’ll try it! :)

      As for the macarons, I haven’t worked up the courage to try them yet! I’m scared!

  2. Pie dough. Not making it, that’s something I can do. It’s the rolling, trimming and fitting that stresses me out. That, and the fact that the baked crust usually melts and looks nothing like it did when first crimped.

    • Thank you, Mike! I thought I was the only one who experienced the strange phenomena of melting pie crusts. So frustrating…especially when they appear normal before the catastrophe.

      Scarey ingredient= yeast. But we’re not as estranged as we used to be.

    • I agree! I made a beautiful crust, it looked so nice. I blind baked it and it all ended up in the bottom of the pan. I guess I really do need to use ‘pie weights’ of some kind when blind baking! I guess one should read the directions very carefully and actually follow them for best results.
      But Dorie is patient and an excellent teacher.
      Maybe she should have had a photo of what happens when blind baking without weight!!

    • I’ve never removed the choke, but I’ve seen Martha Stewart do it a few times-I think you’re supposed to remove the choke with the end of a teaspoon and scrape it all out. Hope that helps!

    • The last time I used gelatin I ruined 2 cups of extra heavy whipping cream. I cried. Then I discovered ‘Whip It’, a wonderful product that stabilizes whipped cream. But I have to purchase it at an import store when I visit my daughter in Chicago. It is made in Canada.

    • My first attempt at donuts was the apple cider donuts from smitten kitchen. Get a nice heavy bottomed pot and a candy thermometer-you’ll do just fine.:)

  3. I’m turned off by anchovies and chicken liver. . My mom loves them and Dorie uses them in her AMFT book, I just need to try them.

    Like others, I always get nervous when making caramel and artichokes.

    One thing on my to-conquer list is the puff pastry dish kouing aman. We have the most amazing ones sold at a local bakery (Les Madeleines) in SLC and I am dying to make them.

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