Meme #10

Ok, sticking with the ingredient theme – what item (items?) lurks in your cabinet just taunting you.  The one you were going to use because it seemed so interesting/exotic/tasty/fun that is still sitting there begging to be used or perhaps just thrown away at this point.  Have at it!

8 thoughts on “Meme #10

    • Just wait for Thanksgiving…Lyle’s is so much better in pecan pie than corn syrup.

      I have a bottle of tart cherry concentrate in the fridge. A few months ago I just had to have it, and now I can’t remember what I needed if for!

  1. Molasses.
    I only use them once a year in gingerbread and always have a bit left over. I wish I could get exact measurements to use up a carton of it per holiday season, no leftovers. Good thing they don’t really go bad!

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