Meme #11

We’re all friends here.  You can admit it.  Your non-baking friends are envious of your skills.  What are you known for?  What’s the one recipe they ask you to make over and over?  Links to said recipes will only add to your prestige.  ;-)


10 thoughts on “Meme #11

  1. Well I just checked the sidebar on my blog and have 37 cookie links and 60 chocolate links. So I just might say my specialty is a cookie that includes chocolate! I have always enjoyed making cookies, I think it is the ‘almost instant’ gratification and the ability to share. And I like to eat cookies.

  2. I have several that people ask me for, but if I have to pick one it would be my Apple pie. My friend made me enter it in an Apple Pie contest. I did not win and she was mad!! She told the judges to eat another

  3. I think people like it when I make Abby’s cheesecake recipe from Daring Bakers about 2 and a half years ago – I have made it 4 times in different guises for work.

  4. Cheesecake and any variation of cheesecake filling.
    It is my family’s favorite cake so every occasion – birthdays, thanksgiving, christmas, easter, you name it – we have cheesecake.

    I have also mastered the art of the crackless cheesecake :)

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