Looking Forward

As we wind down on Baking, I am starting to look forward to the new book. We will be tackling Baking with Julia next. I hope you are all as excited as I am to begin a new book!

In starting a new book, I wanted to get feedback from you all about what you’d like the new club to look like. Would you like a new format? Would you like it to be similar to how FFWD is running? Would any of you like to be more involved?

Please give me your 2 cents. I value all of your opinions. Leave your feedback in comments, or email me. :)

xo Laurie


34 thoughts on “Looking Forward

  1. I already have this book and am VERY excited!
    I like the way TWD is run and would like to see the same format carried over to Baking with Julia :) yay!

  2. I would love the same format. I was excited to start FFWD but becase there wasn’t a mandatory number of recipes to complete it went to the back burner for me. I love that TWD pushes me to participate!!! :) Looking forward to the next group! If you need any help with anything, let me know! I’m willing! :)

  3. I’m with Cristine, I quickly dropped the FFwD because there was nothing pushing me to get it done. Sometimes the rules can be overwhelming but there are many more things that I was ‘forced’ to try and ended up loving that I wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

  4. I’m excited that we’re going to be doing Baking with Julia! I have a copy but haven’t baked anything from it–this will be a good way to get it off my bookshelf and into the kitchen!

  5. It’s a great book for those who don’t have it! Ordered it the same time as BFMHTY! Baked several things from it and all were delicious. Full of great pastry chefs and the like. How about ‘at least one/two post(s) per month’ (for those that want freedom, but need structure?

  6. I am so glad TWD isn’t ending! Just ordered Baking with Julia and can’t wait to get it and flip through! I also like the current format of TWD, I have gotten behind, but it really does push me to try new things and I would like to get back to regular TWDing :)

  7. I’m really please that you chose Baking with Julia and that TWD will continue in some way. I can’t wait to start a new book.

    I like the current format for the group.

  8. i’m excited to see another baking group is forming post-twd! i started with twd way after it got going so i missed out on making a lot of the recipes. for my part, i like the way the group is structured: recipe schedule revealed, p&q’s, lyl on tuesdays, etc. it works for me. i skipped plenty of recipes over the last couple years but loved baking along when i could and seeing everyone else’s work. i’m in for baking with julia. starting fresh with a new book motivates me to think about ways to improve my blog too.

  9. I slack on my blog when things get crazy but I can’t imagine it without TWD and will order Baking with Julia today. I love Dorie’s books and have loved participating and can’t wait for more. Thanks for everything Laurie and co!

  10. Ooh I would love to join in with this – I used to be a member of TWD but pregnancy put an end to that. How lovely that it will be continuing. And a big well done to everyone who stuck it out until the end.

  11. I like the format we have now. Not only does it work well, but it is a very supportive group. I can’t wait to get the new book and see what wonderful goodies are inside!! Dorie is the best!

  12. I’ve loved TWD, great format and wonderful bakers. But the delicious recipes have added way too many pounds! I have no self control.
    But then who wants to blog about carrot and celery sticks?? What to do.

  13. Just a thought, since a lot of the Baking With Julia recipe do seem a bit more difficult and possibly time consuming, what about the idea of just doing a new recipe every other week? How many recipes are in the book? Maybe 2 per month would take forever. Just wondering. (I’ll still participate if it is decided once a week.)

    • I was thinking about this as well. I’ve had the book since my wedding 11 years ago, and it’s still really intimidating – well, maybe a bit less so thanks to TWD – but some of the recipes are quite involved. Either way, I’m in. Love the LYLs and P&Qs.

      • yeah, many of the desserts teach you how to put together multiple components to make one big showstopper. not sure if i could do it every week, but every other would prob be do-able. i’m going upstairs now to get my copy and look thru!

      • Yeah, I’d fourth this idea. Part of the reason my participation in TWD fell by the wayside is that the health issues I’ve always had have become more severe and some months simply cannot bake even twice a month. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it’s true. I remember it being fun when I could participate but was dropped when I couldn’t fulfill the twice a month requirement. I realize that Laurie allows for sick time, but I’m assumed that she wouldn’t every month. Que sera.

        The level of difficulty in Dorie’s book is a breeze when compared to Baking With Julia and I can’t imagine trying to participate in 26, let alone 52, weeks out of the year and I would love to attempt every recipe in her book. A bit more flexibility in the rules would be great for those of us who are either not healthy enough, or might like to disperse our baking energies into other avenues in addition to TWD. That’s one reason I like Daring Bakers even though I haven’t done that in awhile either. Actually, I haven’t done much of anything in awhile, but I endeavor to change that. ;)

        Seeing as most of the opinions here are to keep the pace the way it is I imagine my plea will fall on deaf ears, but I thought I’d throw it out there anyways. Bake on!

  14. Just ordered Baking with Julia. Even though I have slacked a bit recently with TWD, I do not want to stop participating. And I know that all of this baking has really weakend my strength to say no to goodies, therefore I have gained weight. But I still really want to be a part of this. Guess I will be cutting many recipes down. :)

  15. Finally, a blog along that I already have the book for!! :-) I have the book, and embarrassingly enough, I haven’t made good use of is, so am looking forward to finally doing that. Am so happy the group is continuing as I would miss so many if it were to stop. I love the format as it is, and this way we don’t have to all learn new tricks…lol. I love the LYL so that we know who has posted and just need to visit those rather than go down the whole list like before, so frustrating when people weren’t posting and this eliminates that completely, so please keep that part!! Thank you. Oh, and last but not least, I am so so so looking forward to a whole new set of chocolate recipes! (If it weren’t for those my guys would have to be scoring chocolate on the streets each week. I figure it is much safer at home. tee hee) Thanks for all you do in organizing and keeping track of us all…much appreciated.

  16. I just ordered a copy of Baking With Julia, so that’s one step in the direction of the new group. I’m not sure I’ll take on this new group/book on the “never miss a week” basis that I did for TWD. One complicating factor is that I am contemplating baking all the recipes chosen in TWD – so I can truly say I baked through the entire book. It’s not clear that I could finish the first book and keep up with the group in a new book, especially if the recipes are more difficult.

  17. Hi Laurie, I’m very interested in getting involved with the “Baking With Julia” group. I’ve owned the book since it first was published and it’s always been one of my favorites. The only thing I might like is if a recipe was required every couple of weeks instead of weekly. You know, two a month of something. I’m trying hard to lose a bit a weight and that concept might be more in keeping with my efforts. Can you please add my name to the list of interested participants for when the group is ready to start baking? Thanks very much.

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