11 thoughts on “P & Q: Mini Madeleines

  1. I sprayed my nonstick madeleine pan with cooking spray but still had some trouble prying the madeleines out. Definitely give your pan a good coating with baking spray!

    • Kayte’s post made me sad. I have the dark non-stick pan that she deems “do not buy” LOL. I thought it was a good choice at the time because it was friggin $18 from Williams-Sonoma LOL.

    • I don’t have a mini pan and I baked mine up in a pan with round, small indentations. (It’s a British pan, I don’t know what it’s called.) It worked out fine, although they did stick like the others are describing.

    • I baked mine in a regular sized mad pan. I made half recipe, and it overfilled my 6 well molds. So I’d say the recipe makes about 14 regular sized mads, and a half recipe would make 7.

    • I did go ahead and bake them in my regular madeleine pan and they turned out GREAT! A full recipe made about 18, I think. I sprayed the pan and they popped right out. It is a non-stick pan. The last one only had a little batter in it and made a cute mini–should have tried that with more of them.

  2. Here are some tips from Dorie’s blog on baking madeleines: http://www.doriegreenspan.com/2011/07/if-i-cant-remember-when.html

    I tried putting my mini mad pan directly on my baking stone, and the madeleines rose really nicely. Definitely keep a close eye on these and start checking early; they brown really fast once they get going. Mine took about 7 1/2 minutes. I still have a bunch of batter since I only baked one pan, so I may try baking some big ones, too, to see how those turn out.

    I increased the salt to 1/4 teaspoon, and I substituted golden syrup for the honey, both because I like it better and to complement the brown sugar.

    • I made mine in a mini-pan, too, and they browned a lot more than I expected them to. I also realized after my first batch, you really don’t need more than the recommended teaspoon of batter (I had used very generous teaspoons). These are great madeleines!

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