And a meme… haven’t done this in a bit!

What is the one food that has to be on your Thanksgiving table?  Who makes it?  Was there also one on the table that had you shaking your head?  (I’m looking at you Snickers Salad!)


5 thoughts on “And a meme… haven’t done this in a bit!

  1. Mashed potatoes and gravy are always on the Thanksgiving table. Who makes the potatoes changes from year to year. This year, the designated potato masher was my son Pete. The gravy was a mushroom based gravy because there were vegetarians at the table. It was delicious!

    Nothing made me shake my head, although the cranberry sauce with the cayenne pepper didn’t make it onto my plate.

  2. Gravy is a must for me and my mom makes the best. I’ve never understood the appeal of canned cranberry sauce but some people at our table always take that over the homemade stuff. Crazy.

  3. There HAS to be cornbread dressing. And I am the designated maker. We shook our heads at a green bean casserole made with the addition on artichokes. It was AWFUL!!

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