And a personal note of thanks

I received the most amazing book in the mail last week.  It was full of photos of friends, smiles, and memories.  It’s been a pleasure to bake alongside all of you for the past three and a half years.  It’s been my honor to be able to help out on the site for the last one and a half.  I can’t wait for our journey to continue with our next book.  Have a wonderful, sweet new year!

xo  Julie

12 thoughts on “And a personal note of thanks

  1. Jules, MERCI for all you’ve done. I haven’t seen the book yet — I’m in Paris and our son opened the book in NYC and Skyped me to show me the book page by page. Of course, I started teary up on page 1 and by the end was really crying. I can’t wait to get to back to NY and have it in my hands. THANK YOU!

    I can’t even describe how important and wonderful these past four years have been nor can I begin to thank everyone for their kindness, talent and generosity. It seems so right that this part of the journey ends at the new year and that we’ll be continuing in 2012.

    Again, thank you for being such a good leader. You and Laurie make a powerful team.

    A sweet, healthy and happy new year to all. xoDorie

  2. I echo everyone’s comments Julie – a job well done! And always with enthusiasm and energy – it was a delight to receive all of your post announcements and emails! Thank you for all of your hard work – you helped us ALL make it through to the end!

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