Decided to do a LYL anyway.

What have you been baking this week?  Did you miss us so much that you went back into the book and baked a favorite or something you had missed?  Let us know!


32 thoughts on “Decided to do a LYL anyway.

    • You go, Peggy! That’s awesome.

      I finished and it feels amazing to hold up the book and say, “I’ve made every recipe in this book!”

      …and now to check out your cran-apple crisps!

  1. Ooo, I love the LYL just because. I just got done shoveling the driveway. It snowed about 3 inches this morning and another inch or more since I stopped shoveling.Poor kids had school anyway, so they are counting the minutes until they get out and can go sledding.

    • Youve been busy! I made cupcakes for New Years and banana bread yesterday. I did not photo either though. (i suck.) Hoping to make both the bread from bwj and the bubble top brioche rolls for ffwd this week.

    • I thought I might be taking a break from baking but I have people coming over Saturday night (for games), Sunday night (to practice calling contra dances) and Monday night (for the first of a series of 9 Monday Soup Nights) so I have lots of things to bake. Dorie’s cheesecake is a great idea!

  2. It’s weird…I haven’t really had the urge to bake in the last week or so. I even asked someone to bring dessert when they came over for dinner one night! I don’t even know who I am anymore!

    I did start to get ideas when I spotted the cake flour in the cabinet though, so I suspect my mojo will come back soon enough.

  3. I made plain old Tollhouse choco chip cookies, but with seasonal mint and dark chocolate chips. Somehow they tasted a lot like Girl Scout thin mint cookies. I also made the sticky, sticky buns from the cookbook “Flour” (they were quite good). I kind of feel like I’m cheating on TWD, lol.

    No blogging, though.

  4. Hello TWD, I’m on board for Baking with Julia. I’ve owned this book for years and never had a reason (or courage) to explore. You have given me the spark of interest, purely by accident. So, I’m perusing the recipes and picking, anticipating beginning my first Baking with Julia experience this weekend. Will post results, keep an eye open and stay tuned.

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