Some information and some questions answered

Our first recipe posts on Tuesday!  Some of you are wondering what that means and how this actually works.  Here is what happens:

On Monday night (because we have bakers from all over the world and our Monday is someone else’s Tuesday) Laurie or I will put up a new post titled “LYL: White Loaves.  LYL = Leave Your Link.  In the body of the post will be links to our blogs because we are the hosts for this recipe.  There might be a photo or two (of us or our bread) as well.  Anyone who has baked along and created a blog post is invited to put a link to said blog post in the comments section.  As long as it is Tuesday where you are, please leave your link.  (Note – I will often write my blog on Sunday and set it to post on Tuesday.)   I place my link in the comments section with the time that it will actually post.  You should be able to click through any of the links to see the gorgeous loaves that the TWD bakers have created.

It is likely to be overwhelming at first.  We have over 300 blogs registered.  Visit as many as you can without going crazy.  You have two whole weeks to look at these posts before a new recipe will take its place.

We ask that the only people posting the recipe(s) are the hosts.  In your blog post, please link to the hosts if you’d like people to be able to find the recipe.  Alternately, tell them to go buy the book.

If there are any other questions, please either e-mail us or leave them in the comments.  We’ll try our best to answer quickly.

Bake on!

28 thoughts on “Some information and some questions answered

  1. good!! now i don’t feel like i’m cheating because i am going to finish up dishes and get cranking on that bread. lol, and it is satuday :P (i’m taking advantage of my kids napping…)

    anyway, is it ok to blog about something we bake between the tuesdays we have the shared recipes? because there are a lot of good looking breads (i am a sucker for bread!) in that book.

    • You are more than welcome to blog about anything you want on your personal blog, we only ask that you only label the recipe of the week as a Tuesdays with Dorie post. The point of TWD is to bake the book as a group. Recipes that you make and post ‘off schedule’ are not part of the group.

  2. Hi! I am new to TWD and am making the bread recipe tomorrow. Is there a “Tuesday With Dorie? standard logo that I can use when posting each week? If so, how do I get it? Thanks so much, I am so excited to meet the bakers!

  3. I’m really excited to join TWD but, having read the recipe, I realize that mine is not a bakery’s kitchen. Any suggestions for substitutes for using dough hooks? I only have a hand held mixer with no dough attachments. Thanks everyone!

  4. I am just clueless here trying to figure out where the actual TWD site is & how to post on it! I do FFWD but there is a site where it is based. I know I’m daft here, but help, please??

  5. I am very excited to join the group. I am a novice baker and blogger. I am working on setting up a blog, and could use some advice on materials I will need for baking. I have a Kitchen aid classic mixer and an 11 cup food processor. I really appreciate any help and recommendations as I begin this baking journey!! Thanks :)

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