LYL: White Loaves

It’s that time! Welcome to the first recipe of Tuesdays with Dorie: Baking with Julia! I hope you all overcame your fear of yeast and came out with beautiful golden loaves of bread. I am so anxious to see how they all turned out.  (The beauties shown below are Laurie’s loaves.)

This week Jules and I have the honor of sharing hosting duties. You can link to either of our blogs. The recipe, which Jules typed up, is on her blog.  Our posts will go live sometime early in the morning (like 1:00 am CST) on Tuesday.

My blog is slush and Jules is Someone’s in the Kitchen.

Leave the link to your TWD post in comments below.

369 thoughts on “LYL: White Loaves

      • My bowl was getting stuck. My kid helped me get it out. Glad I hand kneaded it when I did so I didn’t get it stuck forever!

      • Mine got stuck too. I put a little bit of oil down there between the bowl and base with a pastry brush and then wrapped the handle with a towel and tapped it very gently with a hammer a few times. It FINALLY came right off.

    • LOL, all i had was a little hand mixer. it wasn’t the best anyway… and it died. i ended up mixing it all by hand!! lol, when my mom called – with dough all over me, my hands, the island i work on… she said, hey! they didn’t have mixers 100 years ago.

      but, i like my modern conveniences!!

    • Yes, Mine did the same thing. Made me nervous!! I started in my Artisan with the tilt-head then moved it to my 6 quart…it kept popping the bowl out of the clip on thing.

      I have to take some pictures still (just a little behind) then I will post my link.

    • mine also started making a clicking noise, but I just kept it running anyway. It’s still under warranty so I figured this was the best way to see if KitchenAid lives up to their reputation. I’m happy to say my stand mixer finished the job just fine :)

      • I used a food processor, and the technique from Julia Child’s The Way to Cook. Essentially, she lets the dough rest and the processor (or mixer, in your cases) cool for a few minutes every time it gets hot. The dough shouldn’t be warm to the touch (overworked) at any point. The processor worked very well – but I halved the recipe as it only has a seven cup capacity.

    • This is in my blog post but I had the same concern, so after making the bread I perused the manual and it says that when making a yeast dough in the mixer you should never go above setting 2.

    • My KitchenAid Classic could not handle it at all. It was bouncing around like crazy plus I was starting to get grease on the dough from it rubbing above the hook. The machine was hot, too. I had to knead it by hand too. After playing 4 sets of tennis and then kneading the bread. I could hardly lift my arms! The bread was awesome though. It made great toast this morning.

  1. What a nice first choice! It is terrific toasted or as a part of a peanut butter and honey sandwich. I think anything that is left after today will become croustades for mushroom veloute. Yummy

    • Apparently, I can’t post my comment so here it is!

      I love how much you enjoyed making this! I made mine all by hand since my KitchenAid died some time ago… and boy it was not as labor-less as you describe, but it was worth the effort! :)

      • Alice- I have had so much trouble with my blog- it’s Greek to me! It’s interesting reading all the comments about the KA mixer- mine worked right along with no more difficulty than usual. I make bread with it a lot; sometimes very heavy doughs. I always use a very low speed- mostly the slowest speed on there. It will get a little warm, but never too hot. That’s great that you kneaded by hand; it really is not difficult and that was a silky, nice dough to work with….I even kneaded a little by hand after I removed it from the mixer.

    • couldn’t leave a comment on your blog either. anywho, my KA was bouncing everywhere as well. Had to hold onto it so it wouldn’t fall and crack my tile. eek, sorry about the tile, glad to mixer is okay!

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  3. Hi,

    Well my loaves are done and I am somewhat pleased. I think I need to check the temp of my oven as the loaves were not as golden as I had hoped. But they were very good and wonderful as toast. The folding for the bread pans is a trick and I don’t think I have it quite right. SO I will try again!

    Excited about the next cooking session!

  4. Here is the link to my blog. It will be posting at midnight est. The post about the loaves is my first and only post. I hope everyone else had as much fun with this project as I did. Now, to make a tart!

    • Me too, good luck! I have to get my photos, etc. up later today. Sometimes it’s confusing, but I have hope. Figuring ins & outs of the blog is harder than the baking!

  5. These were great loaves! The best thing about bread is even if it looks bad it always tastes good. Great way to start… Can’t wait to do the chocolate truffle tarts. BTW…my post goes live at 12:30am EST on Tuesday the 7th.


    ther’s a link. i learned a valuable lesson. several, lol. first, don’t rely on a cheap – get me by – hand mixer!! and second, always double check your helper… my (or our, if you count my 12 year old cousin) bread had no salt in it!! lol oh, yeah, and get rid of distractions, whether they be2 year olds crawling up your legs while you are cooking, or 8 year olds sassing off.

  7. A new twist on an old favorite… I added a prune swirl. The link goes live at 12:30 a.m. EST:

    PS: My mixer and I are no longer on speaking terms. We had a wonderful, if strained, relationship until it started leaking oil all over my bread dough. Again. But we’ve both lived to tell the tale, and my hands are stronger for it. The bread shall rise again. (sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun)

    • Your bread looks delicious. Love the thick slices; just the way I like them. This was my first time baking bread so it was a very exciting process. Enjoyed your adventures in gathering ingredients. It wasn’t until far into your story I saw that you were in India. Love that this BWJ is connecting us to cooks around the globe. I loved a discussion in French Fridays with Dorie as people suggested recipes for March as different bloggers mentioned what was in season for them. Spent a few minutes perusing your other posts. Cardamom Semolina Biscuits caught my eye as I adore cardamom so will try those soon. But then the Venetian Carrot Cake just grabbed me and I knew what I wanted for Shabbat dinner dessert tonight. So if those almonds are still in the freezer that’s what it will be. Great blog. I look forward to continuing the BWJ adventure and reading your blog. Sorry to reply in this fashion but for some reason I cannot make a comment on any blogspot blog. Very frustrating as so many have wonderful entries.

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  9. I’m at – mine turned out quite well! This was a good confidence builder…I’m an aspiring baker and look forward to learning from all of you.

  10. First time I have ever made bread, and I was so proud of how it turned out! Recipe was easy to follow, although the folding directions gave me a bit of “huh?” moment until I read it a few times. My KitchenAid was protesting and the bowl got stuck (a bit of oil, wrap handle in towel and gently tap with hammer to remedy), but all in all it went really well. Bread smells and tastes amazing!! No blog to link to. I really enjoyed this!

  11. I compared this recipe with two others (one I was sure would be superior) to see how well the bread turned out by following the directions without variation. If all the recipes in BWJ are as carefully written and provide the success this one did, then I’m looking forward to a delightful baking adventure (even if we do croissants, which I thought I would skip after browsing through the book.);postID=7750591838778783592

  12. Hi all. i am located in Phoenix, AZ. Are there any bakers on here from Phoenix. I was so happy that this recipe was fairly easy to follow. My partner just had twins last week so I had to fit the recipe in between feedings. Here is the link to my blog – I am just getting the hang of tumblr might have to change to a different blog provider. The family loved this recipe and I am sure I will be making it again.


  13. Ooops! Sorry if you tried to read my blog earlier as it did not post! Now it’s posted- yea!


  14. Hi group! Fancy meeting you here :)

    I didn’t change anything from Dorie’s glorious bread recipe, but I posted a bunch of ideas of what to make with the bread like a savory french toast for brunch, comforting grilled cheese, fun fluff-er-nutters, or a simple avocado sandwich.

    Looking forward to the next chocolate-y recipe post!

    Here’s my link-

    Bake with you soon,

    Huntington Kitchen

  15. Okay here we go.. finally! It’s still only 6:48pm here though.

    Oh, and something’s wrong with my photo formatting. The photos are all smushed. I’ve never had that problem before, so I’ll have to see what’s up. You can view the photos with their normal aspect ratio if you open them in a new window. :]

    I’m Lesley by the way! I’m super excited to bake with you all!

  16. Hi everyone, had a great time making this recipe. I had the same problem with my mixer and I’m sure I was quite a sight in my kitchen holding the bowl on the stand with all my might. Thought it might be a good excuse to get a new mixer. Here’s my blog, it needs lots of work.

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  18. I loved baking the white loaves…I loved reading many of the blogs …At this point, though, I think I am going to forego the blogging part and follow the wonderful bakers and writers already started here…I surely can particpate through this comment page…It is such a pleasure to know I am baking along with so many kind bakers. I do believe baking truly brings people together on so many levels. Thank you for sharing your experiences so eloquently :)

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  20. There is nothing better than freshly baked bread. Yum! I baked one plain loaf and one cinnamon loaf. My husband is worried we are going to get fat! The only problems had was mixing the dough – it was pretty stiff and nearly busted my mixer (it was smoking) so I finished the kneading by hand.

  21. We are a little late in getting our Posts up, but we really wanted to share! We both made bread. Bev made the bread the old fashioned way and I made the bread in my bread machine. See if you can tell which is which?

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