Interested in Hosting in March?

The Recipe Schedule for March is as follows:

March 6, 2012- Rugelach, pages 325-327.

March 20, 2012- Irish Soda Bread, page 214.

The job of the Host is to post the actual recipe on your blog. All members then link to your blog for the week.

We need 2 hosts for each week. If you are interested in hosting, please comment below with your choice, Irish Soda Bread or Rugelach.

Hosts will be selected randomly. (Most likely names in a hat because our comments are not numbered.) Remember once you host, you move to the end of the line to allow others the same chance.

One last day to throw your hat in the ring. Comments will close on this post tomorrow, 2/16/12.

This is a NO CHAT post. All chatter will be removed.


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