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  1. 1. How do I put a badge for TWD on my site? I know how to link but I don’t seem able to copy the symbol to use.
    2. I just finished making these, very tasty. The crust is so delicate. I did have lots of left over batter, did anyone else? I’ll be posting on Tuesday.

  2. I had lots of left over batter too, I think I could have halved the filling ingredients and been fine. I thought a little of that had to do with using odd shaped tart pans (mini heart and star) but not sure…I was wishing I had doubled the tart dough with that big bowl of extra filling I had leftover!

  3. I had crust challenges. The first crust was way too crumbly to work with, so I remade the crust, paying careful attention to the flour and cocoa measurments and it was fine. The videos were a big help–so thanks to the gals who posted them.

    The crust was not as sweet as I expected it to be. I used bittersweet and white chocolate and almond thins for the filling, which I really dug. After baking, my filling looked almost caramel-ly. Don’t know why. I think I overfilled them, so I had no filling left over.

    The tart was very chocolately overall, which I liked, and all the tarts were consumed by the members of this house without a single complaint.

    I’d like to put a badge on my blog, too! :)

    • I had to use more water than the recipe called for as I thought the dough was too dry after processing it in the food processor. I learned from reading Cook’s Illustrated years ago to add vodka to the water (helps with crispness/flakiness), which I did in making my crusts. Mine were very easy to work with–but I used 4x as much liquid as called for.

      • Me too. I’m not sure how much I used but it was at least double the amount of water. I also prefer tart crusts that use powdered sugar instead of granulated–I thought the large amount of granulated sugar gave it a grainier texture.

  4. This isn’t meant to offend, but how would we all feel about not posting your link (except for the hosts) until your link is actually live? With over 300 bakers, I can’t keep up with whose I need to re-visit and whose I don’ – they get lost in the sea of links right now.

  5. I made the dough a few days ahead and let it sit out for about an hour before rolling it on baking day. I rolled between two sheets of plastic wrap to avoid having to put much flour on the crust and it worked great. I used a 10″ tart pan and had no leftover dough or filling. Also no shrinkage when baking the dough (I used pie weights for the first 11 min of baking) and no overflow when baking the filling. All in all, this was much easier to make than I thought it would be…just a lot of steps. It was a lot of fun to make and delicious! A huge hit with my Sunday lunch guests.

    • I rolled mine on parchment with only a little flour. I did brush some off, but I used so little this was not a problem. I docked the dough heavily and didn’t need to use weights–even in the larger size tart I made (instead of tartlets).

  6. Mine is in the oven right now. I let my daughter help because I want to teach her to bake, but I think we overworkedg the dough. I’m also pretty sure I overcooked the crust I left it in longer because I used a large tart pan instead of the small ones. I had dough left over but used all the crust, so it may be too thick, but I’ll know very soon!

      • I used amaretti but couldn’t really taste it in the final product! Just got a crunchy sweet spot occasionally, but was disappointed because I love amaretti. Honestly next time I’d probably leave it out and save the cookies for when they could really shine in a dessert.

  7. I left my dough in the fridge for way more than 30 minutes, like 3 hours. It got super hard, like a stone.:)))) And got some white sugar crystals in it too. I thought I totally ruined everything. But I am not the one who gives up just like that. I used my hand to break them into crumbs, waited 3-5 minutes and kneaded it back to form a ball to continue with the recipe. The crust still turned out perfect, at least for my and my husband’s taste. :))))

  8. I thought these were quite tasty, I had a little trouble removing some of them from the pans, but definitely worth the effort. Thanks for choosing these!!

  9. I cut the filling down to accommodate only four tarts. I divided everything by 1.5, and if math isn’t your specialty, I have the measurements on my page. Couldn’t cut down the dough bc it’s 1 egg, so I just had extra dough.

  10. I thought they were sublime. It is my first recipe with the group. I tend to be all over in the kitchen and follow recipes in my own style, so it was a concerted effort to follow along. I was pleasantly surprise at how seamless the process was. Clearly I make things more difficult than they need to be.

    I did make a gluten free version of the crust and was happy with the results if anyone is interested.


  11. I made very small tarts using a mini muffin pan and halved the filling, but still ended up with leftover (just enough to make one souffle). I can’t imagine making a whole batch.

    I also didn’t refrigerate mine overnight, but I hear that made them even better.

  12. This is my first TWD post and I have to say, i thoroughly enjoyed the experience! I was so excited to get started on my first recipe :) I agree with all of you, the dough was a bit crumbly but with enough patience, I managed to get the crusts rolled out and into the tartlet pans. Otherwise I didn’t experience too much trouble! I love how ridiculously rich these are, I’m handing them out to some co-workers today so I don’t eat them all!

    • I increased the liquid (using a combination of water and vodka) which made it super easy to roll out. After processing the dough with the 1 Tbsp. of water, I knew it wouldn’t hold together. I’m glad I trusted my instinct on this one!

  13. I think I might have done something wrong with the filling based on some of the posts I’ve seen so far – my filling turned out really stiff, almost like a dough, really. Nothing at all like the gooey, runny fillings I’m seeing, which is kind of what I imagined it should be like. :(
    I did halve the recipe to make only three tartlets, so I wonder if that may have been what did it. (I had no idea what I’d do with six tarts, considering I’m supposed to be cutting back on desserts!)
    The flavour was fine, mind you, aside from the fact that I went into chocolate OD after two bites. :)

    • Co-workers loved these tarts, if you don’t want to cut the recipes in half! I cut mine into quarters so they were cookie sized and they were gone in about half an hour. I also didn’t want to have 6 tarts all to myself, so I just kept one for me and shared the calories :)

    • Mine was fairly thick, too, though I may have been rushing the “ribbon” stage of egg-beating and that might be part of the reason. Still delicious, but more brownie-like than soft and oozy.

  14. Okay, this is hilarious, I just now figured out that my difficult in sleeping last night might be attributed to the chocolate I consumed for dessert last night—-hahaha!

    My tartlets were absolutely amazing, but a few bites were satisfing enough. I could not have eaten an entire one.

    My kiddos loved them too!

    The dough was so crumbly at one point that I dipped my finger in some ice water just to add a few more drops. I did that twice and that added just enough extra moisture to bring the dough together. I rolled the dough with a sprinkling of powdered sugar instead of flour, and it rolled easily. Not too many tears, even in getting the dough in the tartlet pans.


  15. In the end they turned out well but I had a lot of trouble with the crust. Mine was too crumbly to roll out and lift onto a rolling pin so I just divided it into 6 sections and pressed a crust into each tart pan. I’m thinking maybe I overworked the dough in the food processor or maybe should have added more ice water? I bake a lot but don’t have a lot of experience with pie dough. Do you think adding more water would have kept the dough together? I was afraid to.

    • I haven’t had any luck either, Heather. Had a problem last time too, but sweet Laurie rescued me from the spam folder. Might have to ask for help again if it doesn’t show up. I’m sure it’s a huge job getting this all to work.

  16. I, too, had a ton of extra batter and put it into tins on their own although ramekins would have been better.

    The chocolate dough was SUPER crumbly and a bit frustrating – but I ended up pressing large pieces of it into my tins and they still turned out, which is nice!

  17. A thought for everyone who had crumbly batter – I did not
    As demonstrated by David Oganowski in the video, I used my hands to put it together and not a food processor. I have often found with gluten free flours that something will look like it is dry and ready to fall apart until you get in the bowl and mix it by hand. I hope that helps.

  18. Could everyone’s extra filling problem possibly be related to the size of the eggs used? I believe Grade A Large eggs are the standard in baking, but eggs vary tremendously from region to region and just going up a size to Extra Large can create problems. Just a thought.

  19. Many blog domains have started using verification codes that are very difficult to read. I’ll give it 2 or 3 tries then move on. It can be pretty frustrating when I want to leave a comment but its just too difficult!

    • I agree. I felt like I have tasted better chocolate tarts. I made a large rectangular tart and we have been slicing off pieces today which have actually tasted better than the first day. My family all commented on the white chocolate bits adding too much creaminess to an already creamy filling plus nobody noticed the crunchy bits from the cookies.

  20. I had a lot of filling left over, and since It was getting late in the day I refrigerated the rest. I probably won’t have time to make more dough until the weekend though. Do you think the filling will keep a few days?

  21. Oh my goodness! This is incredible. I made one large (about 9 inch) tart, and needed to bake the crust about 25 minutes and then the filled tart about 25 more minutes. I had no leftover filling since I made it larger. The crust was a rock after being in the fridge about 1.5 hours (hubby came home for lunch and I had to pause) so I needed to let it soften a bit. It was very tasty, but a bit crumbly, and needed a bit of patching. The chocolate inside was really gooey, and the biscotti was still crispy. Definitely going to make again sometime!

  22. For those who had trouble with the crust, I highly recommend looking at the video’s posted by Jen on the P&Q on February 9. The dough comes together as you smear it across the counter.

    I loved these and will make them again for a special occasion.

  23. When I started the TWD:BWJ group, I felt overwhelmed by so many blogs posting at one time. Felt that I could not comment on everyone’s posts in one day. So, I just commented on a few.

    Since we’ll be baking together for some time, I would like to get to learn more about the bakers. Don’t want to just ‘post’ and ‘run’. I plan to stop by all the blogs…commenting on a few daily until I am done… I should be done by the time the next recipe is due.

    Look forward to baking with you all. :)


    • Carmen, this is a great approach to viewing so many posts. I admit to feeling overwhelmed by the number of bloggers but reading a few a day should be fun. Thanks for the good idea.

  24. I baked the chocolate mousse tarts today. I have to say it was incredibly helpful to check “those who had gone before” and see what their tarts looked like along the way. Wasn’t so sure about my chopped biscotti which really was more crumbled than chopped … Pictures and posts gave me courage to keep going. Thanks!

    I had a little trouble getting a couple of out of the tart pan and lost an edge or two. Sigh … Also, I’d love any tips on presentation. I tried doing an “artful” smear of white chocolate and I’m afraid it just looked like a blob.

  25. I am having problems commenting on blogs hosted by blogspot. After I type my comment, I log in with my WordPress account and I select publish, I am redirected to another page that is asking for my full name and for Blogspot to verify who I am. After that nothing happens…Ideas on how to resolve the issue?

  26. It turns out that Blogger and Blogspot do not accept WordPress comments (http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/blogspot-blogger-not-accepting-my-wordpress-comments?replies=18).

    The only way a WordPress blogger could comment is by using the option “name/url” when selecting the option Comment as. This is a half-way solution to the problem though, since some of the Blogger and Blogspot users have not enabled this setting. It would be great if you could activate this setting so WordPress users could be able to comment.


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