Just some notes….

So happy to see all the beautiful tarts!  I know some of you have had a bit of trouble posting links and/or comments.  If you don’t see your link or comment show up, chances are it landed in the spam folder.  (Happened to me yesterday!)  Be patient, please, and don’t repost.  Laurie and I check the spam folder a couple of times a day and we’ll clear any entries that should be on the site.

A number of you have asked about a button or logo for your website.  We are working on getting one edited and cleaned up.

We’ve also had some inquiries about a static baker’s page that people can link to on Tuesdays.  While we will have a baker’s page that will show all of the registered participants and their blogs, it’s not a good reference for a weekly link.   We have close to 400 blogs registered, and not everyone bakes each week. (hence the LYL post)

Thanks everyone for your continued support and patience as we work our way through this adventure!

17 thoughts on “Just some notes….

  1. Jules and Laurie,
    Thank you both for managing this escapade for all of us (kinda like herding a bunch of cats who can bake, take pictures and type!) I’m new to the group, and have already made some baker friends, both nearby and on the other side of the world. Besides the baking, which is fun in and of itself, the connection to others is as they say, Priceless! Thanks for all of your efforts!

  2. Thank you both for doing such a great job! I agree, this has been the most fun I’ve had in along time while doing something I love! It’s wonderful to be a part of this cyber-community.

  3. I want to say thank you! You ladies (and guys) are awesome!

    Since this is a place where we can leave somewhat general comments, I wanted to make one. Last year, before the original TWD wrapped up, and we didn’t know that another project was pending for our group, some of us had wanted to get together, possibly in NYC. Is that still something we could do? I know I would go. SO many of you have become dear friends to me-and I’d so enjoy getting to meet as many of you as I can!

  4. Hi,

    I finished my tarts yesterday and was very pleased with the look and taste. It did take alittle longer to get the tops looking just right. I think I need to check my oven temp before the next cooking test.

    Thank you all,


  5. You two are amazing for organizing this. It’s such a huge project and it’s bringing joy, connection, and good food to so many people (as is French Fridays with Dorie).

  6. Hi everyone! Is there a way to see where everyone is from? I just think it would be neat to know if there’s anyone in my area participating. thanks!

    • Lauren- I like that idea also- it is neat to know where our TWD friends are cooking from- myself; I hail from McKinney, Texas- about 27 miles north of Dallas

      • I’m in Southern NJ – the opposite of “Jersey Shore”. Haha. Does anyone have any advice for reading all the posts? Does everyone reply to each comment that’s left on their blog? I’m new at blogging, just wondering what the courtesy may be.

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