Recipe Nominations for April

Things ran very smoothly last month, if I do say so myself, and I do say so myself. :)

For anyone who may have joined since last month, this is how nominations will work:

We ask for nominations. An executive committee will review the nominations. One simple and one more difficult recipe will be chosen to be featured the following month. Next week, we will ask for volunteers to host said recipes on another post. A host for each recipe will be chosen by random number generator from the list of volunteers.  Once you have hosted, you move to the back of the line to give others the same chance.

Easy peasy.

Enter your recipe nomination for April in the comments below. Please include page numbers. Recipe Nominations will close on 3/13/12.

Please leave Recipe Nominations only. This is a NO CHAT post.


56 thoughts on “Recipe Nominations for April

  1. Hi Everybody!

    I’m honored to post here my nominations:

    1. Cantuccini p.313 (yeah! I found a recipe with no butter at all!) – picture 223

    As nr. 2 I’d have loved the Cranberry-Walnut Pumpkin Loaf ( p. 108 recipe – p.67 picture) but probably for this one is better to wait pumpkin season, in order to make the pumpkin puree at home.

    So I’ve chosen:
    2. Fruit Focaccia p. 196 – picture p.176

    Looking forward to reading your choices!

    Greetings from Switzerland!!

  2. Cornmeal-Currant Biscotti (p. 316-318)
    Nectarine Upside-Down Chiffon Cake (p. 241-243)
    Rustic Potato Loaves (p. 138-139)

  3. I also nominate the strawberry cake. I think more basic recipes would be best for those new at the whole thing, so the whole wheat loaf may be great or perhaps for Easter brioche bread…there is s much we can do with it, and there are so many recipes that use it as a base. Easter brunch with brioche french toast???? Also strawberries are in season…well at least here they are!

  4. Tourte Milanese would be lovely for Easter Brunch or Savory Brioche Pockets (I’m dying to make brioche).

    Nectarine Updside-down Chiffon Cake or Cardinal Slice (we can use the egg whites for this one and it requires several steps and techniques for the difficulty factor).

  5. Matzos (p. 160) or Meringue Cookies (p. 311) for Passover (April 6-14)

    Lemon Loaf Cake (p.252)
    Not Your Usual Lemon Meringue Pie (pp. 403-405)
    Focaccia (p.143)

  6. I would love to do the Meringue Cookies p. 311 for Passover. And since Passover and Easter collide again this year, it would also be nice to have a beautiful dessert for Easter, like the French Strawberry Cake p. 273. Tough choice, given the limited time frame.

  7. Mocha chocolate chip cookies

    Espresso Profiteroles

    Pizza Rustica

    (If a strawberry recipe is chosen, please schedule it in the later half of the month, when they are more likely to be in season, or better yet- in May)

  8. I don’t actually have my copy of the book yet (it’s in the mail!), but I nominate Pebble Bread on page 152 because it stood out to me when I flipped through the book in the book store. I also nominate Lemon Loaf Cake on page 252. I don’t remember seeing this recipe, but it sure sounds good and great for spring!

  9. Sorry no time to make this delicacy. My daughter and I came back few days ago from hospital. She got chicken pox and pneumonia. What a nightmare!
    She s almost fine now.
    Will catch up later on.
    Posted to get you links in my inbox.

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