Nerd alert! Tomorrow is pie day!

Ok, so it’s really Pi Day.  (3.14 – get it?)  Who’s making some pie to celebrate?  Any favorites to share?


17 thoughts on “Nerd alert! Tomorrow is pie day!

  1. Well any excuse to make pie, and I’m there. If I’m not making pie, at least I’ll be eating it!

    BTW, I keep looking through the Baking With Julia cookbook, obsessing over the recipes. I really want to make some of them, but I want to “save” them for when they are featured on this blog. Maybe I’ll make the pitas and pita pizza and just take some pictures for the future :)

    Happy Pie Day Eve, Everyone!

  2. What a pity in Switzerland we write the dates as follows: 14.03.2012
    One occasion missed to bake a great cake :-) !!!
    But I do love your idea to celebrate a Pi-Day
    Looking forward to seeing your creations
    Greeting from far away <3

  3. If each of my daughters bring pie or other round food to math class, they will get extra credit. The younger enjoys baking and is planning on making cupcakes. Her older sister is thinking of making mini pizzas. I think it’s a great way to learn math. ;)

    • Never fear: you can still celebrate this year. June 28 is double pi day (3.14 x 2). You just have to make two! :)

      see my post for more info:

  4. We’re having a big blowout pi day party. It’s potluck, generally, but we’re providing tomato pie, key lime pie, maple vinegar pie and possibly a quiche that involves swiss chard, onions and gouda.

    Alas, the nearest weekend date was St. Patrick’s day, but we will not be deterred.

    Happy pi day(s) to all!

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