LYL: Irish Soda Bread

Let’s see how yours turned out!

Cathy of My Culinary Mission  made a gorgeous version with Gruyere cheese.  Carla of Chocolate Moosey went a little more old school.  (The size differential is only because I’m lousy at working with photos.  It’s nothing personal.  ;-)

Links only, please.  Save the chatter for the other post!

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263 thoughts on “LYL: Irish Soda Bread

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  6. This is the story of the sad Irish Soda Bread that was left on the counter and not taken to the party it was intended for. The recipe was easy peazy and I threw in some dried cranberries to liven it up a bit. Came out perfectly! Alas, after a few Whiskey Ginger Beers, it was the last thing that came to mind when heading to the party. Oh well, after the party we tore into it and devoured it around midnight. It was especially good after all those damn Irish Whiskey Ginger Beers. And of course, a picture is not available. Moral of this sad story, never drink whiskey and bake (wine, of course, is acceptable).

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    • I wish I could comment on your post, Kris! Loved reading about your family history and your bread looks great. This WordPress/Blogger-Blogspot incompatibility is frustrating.

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