Tuesday Chatter: Pizza Rustica

How did yours turn out?  Did you follow the recipe or try some new additions?  What was your take on the sweet crust/savory filling?

70 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter: Pizza Rustica

  1. Turned out great….will definitely make again. Added a few spices to the filling which the recipe did not indicate…(red pepper flakes, dried oregano, garlic powder, etc).

    Also, I chilled my dough until ready to use. It made it easier to work with.

    The best thing about this pie is the versatility in add ons…

    Happy with this one! ;)


  2. Loved the dough, I want to use it for everything! My pie crusts always shrink up out of my pie plate. Thought the filling was bland, and that there needed to be more prosciutto; it was barely noticeable in all that cheese. And I wonder if there was a typo in the amount of pecorino? The recipe talked about how it added a nice crunch, but really – 1/4 cup amongst 1/4 lb of mozzarella and 1 lb of ricotta, and it didn’t register at all.

  3. The dough was so easy to make and so forgiving! Loved that you didn’t need to chill it before using. I followed the recipe and didn’t think the dough was so sweet…just right in my opinion. Loved how it tasted in the pizza rustica. Will try using the dough for something sweet…maybe a crostata.

  4. My 20 years old food processor “burned” three months ago and luckily I bought a new one a couple of weeks ago… just in time!

    I’ve never made a pie crust in a food processor and couldn’t believe how easy and quickly it has been. Absolutely no mess around! Fantastic!!!
    I’ll definitely keep this crust recipe to make any other fruity pie (ok, the 100% all purpose flour will be replaced by 50% wholemeat flour and part of the butter will be replaced by yogurth to make it healthier)

    To the original recipe I’ve added spinach, carrots and onions (previously brown).
    First I had it warm and didn’t feel a great “sweet-savory” difference.
    The day after I had it cold and there, the crust was soooo much sweet!
    I’ve liked it – but if I have d to make a decision: “salt to salt” and “sugar to sugar”!…
    However I’m always fascinated by new tastes and scents and food combinations!

    Looking forward to baking an apricot pie to show to all my friends, how easy it is to make the crust with a food processor …It’s like to win the lottery!

      • My food processor burnt out recently, so I used my good old Kitchen Aid mixer and it worked wonderfully. Maybe I can put off buying another food processor.

      • My food processor was my dear MIL’s from the ’70’s I think, maybe early ’80’s…I was thinking about how old it is because a piece broke off while making the dough. I hope I can get a new food processor, maybe just a new blade will work, don’t know if they still have the blade for this one…

  5. The smell of it upon coming out of the oven was delicious. The dough came out super flaky though it browned a little more around the edges than I would have liked. It was still sweet though I only used a 1/4 cup sugar compared to 1/3. I used sun dried tomatoes and an all beef salami with fresh parsley and basil. It tasted great, though I agree, the amount of Pecorino Romano seemed to be little compared to the mozzarella and ricotta. A little more Pecorino would give it a bit of the saltiness it lacks.

  6. It is official. I really like this. Honestly, I almost didn’t make it. But I can tell you, I *WILL* make it again. I had to do homemade ricotta since we don’t have “real” ricotta here. Delicious! Filled it full of spinach and and a dash of nutmeg. It was wonderful! More info on the blog later!

  7. I’m actually making mine tomorrow, but I’m super-excited. I’m actually a cheesemaker in my day job, so I’m pumped to be able to use mozzarella and ricotta that I’ve made. Thanks to some of the comments here though I think I’ll up the amount of pecorino romano a bit.

  8. This crust was simple to make, but mine acted really odd. It cracked while I was rolling, but not how you’d expect. My dough was almost brittle at times. I couldn’t really weave the lattice, so I just laid it on top. Too much flour? Not enough rolling? It’s in the oven now, so I’ll see how it tastes.

  9. I had no problems making it whatsoever. I made a vegetarian version using spinach and sun dried tomatoes. It came out beautifully!

    Thats where the positives end though….this recipe was a dud for me. We just didn’t like it. I wasn’t expecting to like the texture, but no one in the house liked it! Ugh.

    All in all though, making it went fine, we just went wrong with the taste aspect!

  10. I really didn’t care for this one…. the sweet did not work with the salty at all for me. I had company over and they all seemed to love it, but it just didn’t float my boat *shrugs* It _looked_ pretty, but oh well :)

  11. I agree that the sweet didn’t work with the savory filling. And the filling needed more oomph. I like to follow the recipe the first time, and go from there, so all comments/suggestions here are appreciated.
    The crust came together beautifully and was easy to work with. I will use it again when the rhubarb is ready for picking – and without the sugar for savory pies.

  12. Overall this was ok for me. I would cut back on the sugar in the dough if I make this again. I don’t even put this much sugar in my sweet pie dough. I do like sweet/savory, but I felt like it was a bit out of balance. I could taste the prosciutto and the filling had decent flavor. I did use Prosciutto di Parma (not sure if this would make a difference). I also may have used more than 1/4 cup of Pecorino, I just eyed it.

    My husbands comment, and he loves rich, cheesy, sweet foods, “It’s good, but I wouldn’t necessarily eat it again.” Although he may change his mind if I make the dough savory and call it ricotta pie.

    • Oh, I also used a smoked mozzarella cheese, which may have helped the flavor of the filling a bit. With so few ingredients I went for the best I could get. Whole milk smoked mozzarella, real Pecorino Romano, and real Prosciutto di Parma. I did skimp a bit on the quality of the ricotta.

  13. I had fun making this. It really was a quick and easy recipe and this being the harder of two for the month. I liked the sweet dough – did not find it overly sweet at all. I did not use the prosciutto, instead I used spinach, roasted bells, and sweet cherry peppers – turned out really good.

  14. I LOVED this recipe. It was so unique, unlike anything I’ve made or eaten before. My dough was a tiny bit hard to roll out because it needed some water (I added 2 t but should have added more), but I got it into the pie plate okay and the lattice top went well. I think the dough would possibly benefit from being allowed to rest because I noticed the dough for the lattice was easier to work with. I really liked the combination of sweet and salty and thought everything worked together perfectly, it even was super easy to cut and serve and kept it’s shape like a champ. Do have to admit that I used shaved, shredded ham (the good kind from the deli) instead of prosciutto because it would have cost $14 to get 4 oz.

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  16. We used our Kitchen Aid mixer instead of the food processor that we do not have. Worked fine, I think. Loved the crust. Loved the filling. We will make this again and play with the ingredients.

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  18. My kids ate the crust and left the filling. They liked the sweetness. I enjoyed it too, and liked how easy it was to work with. I am not a fan of crust normally, so it surprised me. My filling was not bland at all, because of the veggies I added, especially the sundried tomatoes, but I can imagine it would’ve been a bit bland without some added umph.
    We really liked this!

    • Just enjoyed the tart last night at dinner party. I loved the sweet-salty combo and found the filling to be delicious (but I didn’t exactly measure the pecorino romano…maybe I had “too much”!).

  19. I agree with everybody that the dough was great. I added 1 tbsp of water and it was very easy to roll. I used smoked mozzarella and added a bit of arugula. I also lowered the sugar amount because of all the initial comments that the crust was too sweet. All of my friends really enjoyed this.

  20. loved the dough, so easy to make and work with.
    I followed the recipe exactly, except used basil instead of parsley and shaved parm instead of the pecorino called for.

    I really thought it was tasty, the hubbers thought it was ok, but not really his thing, the little child ate his piece but wasn’t crazy about it.

    The edges got a little too brown. I tented the edge with foil, but a little too late. We ate it still warm, though it is supposed to be served chilled.

    I’m going to make it again for a pot-luck at the end of the month.

  21. Well I am really happy but it is because I got my post up before 11:00 pm and it even has the picture on it….so happy because I am finally getting the hang of the blogging and posting part! Happy to be baking with you all

  22. btw- my family really liked it a lot. They were not crazy about the rugelach, in fact they wanted me to throw out the (filled) dough that I hadn’t baked yet. So this one was a winner!

  23. We used our Kitchen Aid mixer, no food processor, and it worked very well. But then we like everything. It was yummy with the sweet dough and the ricotta filling. Might try some of the suggestions by other bakers for olives and spinach, etc. We will be baking this again!

  24. I am still not convinced on the sweet dough even though i kept the sugar to one tablespoon. i made mine with spinach, ricotta and feta. and I gave my lattice a milk wash.. helped with the colour i think!!!

    • ok am going to try a milk wash next time as the pastry crust looked a little pale except for the edges which browned too much

      and maybe less sugar too, it was a little too sweet I think.

  25. my husband figured out how to get rid of a cold-by giving it to me! unfortunately, i had to sit this one out since i have been down for the count. looking forward to the next recipe!

  26. I did n’t get to bake on. The. It’s the end of the term for me, so it’s hectic. But when I. Made the pie, I utilized comments from others. I didn’t combine the sweet crust with the savory filling. Instead I used the sweet crust with a ricotta filling that had rum soaked raisins in it and found this to be a good match. Then I made a savory crust and pairs dit with a ricotta filling full of Italian sausage, prosciutto, salami and fresh herbs. I served it with a rustic, barely cooked tomato sauce and my husband loved it! I found that I just don’t like ricotta because of its grainy quality. I had made some recipes years before and didn’t like it then. Still don’t! I love all things Italian, but not ricotta.

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