P & Q: Lemon Loaf Cake

Are you keeping this one simple or playing around?  Fill us in!


106 thoughts on “P & Q: Lemon Loaf Cake

  1. Since I’m lucky enough to be hosting this recipe I went a little bit crazy by adding meyer lemon syrup, meyer lemon glaze and candied meyer lemon slices. A triple threat of citrus!

  2. I’m excited about this one, I love a good lemon loaf! I’m thinking of doing some in my “cream canoe” pan (like a twinkie pan) with some filling, mmm :)

  3. I went with orange and mixed in some chocolate shavings. Good but a little dense (of course most pound cake is kinda dense…) any who i think I may have mixed a little too much

  4. I already have a killer lemon bread in my recipe file – when it’s still warm from the oven and in the pan, you poke some holes in it and pour a thin lemonsugar glaze over it – the bread absorbs it all and gives it an extra kick. I’m thinking of making both breads, to do a side by side comparison.

  5. This was super easy but I agree with some of the other reviews – very dense. I read the suggested serving after I’d sliced it though and I think if I went with a 1/3 inch slice instead of a 2/3ish inch slice it would have been better. It was ok plain but really great with a little lemon curd (from Trader Joe’s) and whipped cream – lemon meringuesque.

  6. I have a lemon crunch glaze from Gina DiPalma’s Dolce Italiano’s Zucchini- olive oil cake that we love, so I’m adding that to the top.

    Also, since it seemed like a dense cake, I’m making mini loaves so the slices will be smaller.

    I really hope we like this one since pizza rustica wasn’t up our alley. I’m not so worried though because it’s dessert- add frosting, ice cream or whipped cream and everything gets better!

    • I’m with you on both comments. Even though my pizza rustica turned out well, I won’t make it again. I have been making a killer lemon loaf with Jck Daniel’s for years. From Miss Mary Bobo’s cookbook. It’s the one recipe from that book that I love. Have made it with kumquat marmalade (homemade) too and it worked well.

      • *googled, sorry for the typo.

        I made the cake yesterday with the lemon crunch glaze. I made it in a 10-cup bundt pan and glazed it multiple times (six total I think!), collecting the extra glaze each time with a plate underneath the cooling rack. I highly recommend this glaze if anyone is looking for something to make the cake a little more exciting. I liked the cake more than I thought I would, same for the husband who usually does not like lemon desserts. I do think that it is better the second day.

      • I love this glaze! It goes really well on a lot of different things, and adds great lemon flavor to the dessert, while still retaining the glaze factor without getting super sticky and gooey.

  7. My lemon loaves always seem too dense and dry – I sure hope this will be different…although the comments so far are not encouraging. Cooking Light has a super lemon curd recipe that is – you guessed it – low in fat. I think I’ll make it to go with the loaf….just in case it needs a kick….

  8. I made this last night to take to this fam this weekend. Haven’t sliced it yet but the batter was delicious :)
    Will comment back after we taste it.

  9. I love a good heavy pound cake — so this may just be perfect for me! Going to make it this weekend and serve it with our Easter dinner. If it’s it that good though, it may not make it to the table!

  10. I made this this week with orange zest, since I had some organic oranges lying around. I sorta ran out of cake flour, so I added in some whole wheat pastry flour to fill in. It was yummy–a little “heartier” than the original recipe, which, by the way, I have made more times than I can count.

  11. Made it according to the recipe and love it. Wonderful with a cup of hot tea. I also love Starbucks lemon loaf which is much sweeter. So it is more milder than Starbucks, but still very much a keeper for our family. It is all gone!!


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  13. Hi All!
    I plan on making the cake tomorrow for a family dinner, so I can’t comment on the cake yet. BUT! After reading all your comments, I decided to play it safe and make a lemon curd to serve with it just in case the cake itself isn’t a huge hit.

    I just made this recipe: http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/lemon-curd-recipe/index.html
    and it’s lovely! It’s cooling in the fridge and I’ve “tested” many spoonfuls already; it’s so delicious (and easy).

    Just thought I’d share in case anyone’s looking for a recipe. Hopefully it’ll compliment the cake well!

  14. I’ll be baking this for my annual Easter Brunch that I host for my friends, pious and heathens alike. My brunch will come on the heels of another friend’s annual “Zombie Jesus” pre-Easter party, so I’m hoping that it will serve as a sufficient curer-of-hangovers.

    I’m planning on serving it with whipped cream and some macerated strawberries, but I also like the suggestion of lemon curd.

  15. I’m hoping to start seeing local strawberries before the 17th. I live in the south and growing season started early, so it could happen! I make these roasted strawberries with a little balsamic and they are so amazing, and would perk up a lemon loaf cake even if it seemed a little bland (reading between the lines here).

    I’m not sure how the recipe is written yet, but one way to add citrus flavor is to rub lemon zest into the measured sugar before using it in the recipe. I’ll do that even if it isn’t indicated!

  16. Topped it with a lemon glaze and we loved it. I also didn’t make it in a loaf pan. I made it in a pull-a-part cake pan for smaller portions and it came out great!

  17. I’ve totally transformed it and gave him a new Easter dress! ! (Hope it won’t suffer of “identity crisis” LoL!)
    You’ll see him on… Tuesday, 17th :-)

    PS: I did not mess around with the ingredients ( a part of reducing the butter and adding yogurt)
    PPS: It was still very dense but with the extra additions it was quite good!
    PPPS: I probably won’t make it again (unless my friend, with whom I shared 1/4 of the cake today, says it was great!

  18. I just signed up for Tuesdays with Dorie a few days ago after posting my first blog with French Fridays with Dorie. I can’t wait for my copy of the cookbook to arrive and then I will start baking!

  19. Hoping to make this this week. Reading the recipe I’m surprised it only uses zest and no juice of the lemon. Has anyone made this yet as written? Does it have a good lemon flavor? I’m going to try the tip of rubbing the sugar and zest together first and maybe add some juice…

  20. Easy loaf, but boring. It was definitely not lemony enough for me, so I’m going to try it again but add lemon juice in addition to the zest.

    Also, I might try making a lemon glaze (lemon juice and powdered sugar), punching holes in the cake with a toothpick as soon as it comes out of the oven, and soaking the hot cake with the glaze.


    • I made three mini loaves today with the addition of about 2 tbl lemon juice. Only tried the plain one with Ina’s stewed berries. Nothing to write home about for sure. The lemon flavor just was not there for me. Maybe replace some of the cream with lemon juice, like 1/4 cup? The other two loaves I’ll try after dinner and let you know. One I injected with lemon curd and a dusting of powdered sugar, and the other a lemon glaze made with pwd sugar, lemon juice & zest. We’ll see…

      • Matt, I think your idea of poking holes in the loaf so the glaze can infuse is best. I liked my loaf with the lemon glaze, but only that part that had glaze. As to the lemon curd injected into the loaf – I needed to get it deeper. Actually it would probably be pretty good with lemon curd and a glaze. Hope you have better results with your next loaf!

  21. Lemon is such a spectacular ingredient; it would be a shame for this to not be delicious! I am going to take some of your suggestions & add zest & perhaps some lemon curd (which I adore).

  22. I made it per the recipe and really enjoyed it. I could see adding a little lemon juice or lemon oil to up the ante a bit, or serving with lemon curd as some have suggested. But I really enjoyed it just as it was.

  23. The lemon loaf – made per the recipe (except for the cake flour, which I forgot to buy – you use 2 TBS cornstarch in the bottom of a one cup measure, then fill with flour to substitute for 1 c cake flour) is in the oven now.

    If it comes out dry, which seems to be a common complaint, I’m thinking of trying it toasted and slathered with butter, or covered with macerated strawberries – love lemon and strawberry together!

    If anynone else wants the Jameson Lemon Bread recipe, I realized I posted it out on the blog a few years ago – here:

  24. Hate to disagree with everyone, but . . I made my cake yesterday and it came out light, not dense, and very flavorful with the zest. I made only one change to the recipe — I used the zest of freshly picked blood oranges from my tree. All in all, a tasty success.

    • The secret must be in your zest of freshly picked blood oranges :-)

      Mine was dense and sorry to say this: I won’t make it again… (so sad!)

    • I had a similar problem. Not sure if it was me not measuring correctly as I was making the lemon curd at the same time and also sometimes I am a little absent minded or whether the oven is playing up. I just put foil over mine and left it in for another 20-ish minutes. It turned out ok – a little dense, but then again most people’s cakes are reported to be dense as well. Somehow the cake as finished in record time so I guess it tastes ok.

    • mine did the same. Was not sure whether it was me being absent minded (was making lemon curd concurrently) or my oven acting up… I left it in another 20 minutes with some foil on top and it seemed to turn out fine. It got cleaned up real fast!

  25. Oops! I forgot. I really appreciate the insights of those who bake early. I couldn’t get the Pizza Rustica done for a week and I really benefited from the comments others posted about what worked and what didn’t. I think that’s one of the strengths of this blog–learning from others!

  26. For a fun experiment, I turned the lemon loaf into mini cakes, mini cupcakes and regular size cupcakes and made homemade lemon curd in my Vitamix which is absolutely delicious and easy- for those of you out there with a Vitamix or a powerful equivalent let me know if you want the recipe- it’s done in 5 minutes and no stove top needed. Going to play around with whipped cream frosting and strawberries too. I agree the cake needs extra flavor.

  27. I will be baking this tomorrow and thought about adding lemon juice, but I am not sure how the extra liquid will effect the loaf, so I might make two and experiment. I love the idea of a little bit of a lemon glaze on the top so I might thin down some lemon marmalade and brush the top of the finished cake with that. I will report all on Tuesday.

  28. I baked this tonight and I’m very pleased with the results. I haven’t cut it, so I can’t speak to the overall texture yet. I’ve been following all the BWJ recipes to the lettter, but something about this one was begging for a little tweaking. I only changed a few small things, but based on the little crumb I tasted, I’ve achieved the bright lemon flavor I was hoping for. Visit my blog on Tuesday for the rest of the story.

  29. I made the lemon loaf cake yesterday. A little on the dry side, but that may have been due to leaving it in the oven a little too long. I remember standing anxiously by the oven saying to myself, “Should I or shouldn’t I?” Even after the pick came out clean!

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