LYL: Pecan Sticky Buns

Looking forward to seeing all the posts and amazing photos!

Standard rules apply.

This gorgeous specimen was baked by Lynn of Eat Drink Man Woman Dogs Cat.  You can find the recipe at her blog as well as at the blog of our other host, Nicole of Cookies on Friday.


140 thoughts on “LYL: Pecan Sticky Buns

    • These look really wonderful! I just joined the group and did not have a chance to bake these. I am so glad you used all the butter, I think we need to spoil herself sometimes. Hope your baby is doing better.

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    • read your post…very nice loved your pics too. I had to pass on making the last 2 recipes due to being too busy in May and when I came back on the extra Tuesday, I was fearful that the brioche dough would do in my old mixer. Hmmm now that I am seeing all the comments I may have to make these

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  7. I made the buns on Tuesday if that counts for anything, so I was there in spirit! I did not get to write my post till now though. They were amazing, though I had to start over three times! Oye…

  8. Hi,

    I am taking advantage of the make up day and baked the sticky buns today! However, I did start on Tuesday as planned and ran into some problems, of my own making! I made my batter, with all the butter, and things were going quite well. The recipe refers to the ‘slapping sound’, I had that. I was so proud of my mixer, 25 year old Kitchen Aid, just hummed right through it! Set the dough in the bowl to rise, and wondered, “Will it rise?” But I had never made brioche before, but left it to preform that miracle. It did not! I waited 2 more hours, nothing! Yikes! I do bake but want to become better, that is why I joined this group. I did wonder how it was going to rise without yeast. That seemed odd to me and now I really began to wonder. I read the recipe, checked all my ingredients again. Then…………….I watched the video! I missed a whole step, the sponge! Where was it? It was on the preceding page! And I missed it!
    There was only one thing to do, the next morning I made the sponge and incorporated it into my dough. I am not going to waste it and Julia Child would not throw it out either! I mixed the sponge into the dough and beat 15 minutes. The dough was soft and silky. I went through the same process as before and today I baked the sticky bun with half the dough and savory pockets with the other half. The dough was delightful to work with and my end product, both types, are delicious. This is a wonderful resilient dough, as I can attest to and can take a beating from a novice baker! I will make this dough again, properly next time. This one tough dough!


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