What are we making in June? Nominate here!

It’s that time of the month again!

Just to review:  We ask for nominations. An executive committee will review the nominations. One simple and one more difficult recipe will be chosen to be featured the following month. Next week, we will ask for volunteers to host said recipes on another post. A host for each recipe will be chosen by random number generator from the list of volunteers.  Once you have hosted, you move to the back of the line to give others the same chance.

Pick something good!

Enter your recipe nomination for May in the comments below. Please include page numbers. Recipe Nominations will close on 5/17/12.

Please leave Recipe Nominations only. This is a NO CHAT post.


47 thoughts on “What are we making in June? Nominate here!

  1. Blueberry muffins sound great (and straight forward!)
    I’d also like to try a different type of bread we’ve not done before (any type!)

  2. I was tempted to suggest all savoury for June, since May’s been kind of a sugar explosion, but strawberries are going to be hitting the markets and they will be too good to ignore.

    I’m with folks on the French Strawberry Cake (273-4)
    And for something savoury, what about the Pizza with Onion Confit? (157-8)

  3. I would like to suggest that we try one savoury and one sweet galette since both recipes use 1/2 of the galette dough recipe.

    Cheese and Tomato Galette – p. 429
    Berry Galette – p. 377

    If you think this is too much galettes for one month, how about the Pizza with Onion Confit – p. 157 as our savoury choice?

  4. I too am hoping for the French Strawberry Cake (pg 273) – but as the second post of the month. No local stawberries here till late June!
    I’d also love to make the Madeleines (p. 334).

  5. pizza with onion confit (and the mixed starter bread)
    my daughter is DYING for me to tackle Croissants, but I’m not sure I’m ready for that.

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