Tuesday Chatter

Did you love the naan?  Was this your first try?  Are you making it again?  Let us know!

22 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. Made a chicken potato curry tonight and we ate it with the naan and skipped the rice. My kids helped me make the circles and pricked the dough. They are both taking it to school for snack tomorrow!

  2. I got my weeks wrong, I totally thought this recipe was next week, so I will be making these tomorrow and posting late! They look delicious and can’t wait!

  3. I’ve never made flatbread before, and this was delicious. I definitely need to add a pizza peel and a larger baking stone to my kitchen.

  4. This was also my first time making this flatbread. It was pretty easy. I would do this again. We all loved it maybe too much!! Wasn’t sure what to make to eat with it but then realized I could just eat it….yum.

  5. They turned out great and were surprisingly delicious. I sampled a bit of the dough before baking and I wasn’t impressed at all – the cumin, salt, and scallion topping made all the difference.

  6. if only i could have posted this on time! i made the bread, and will make it again but i find that it needs less kneading. i purchase freshly baked naan near my home and while it is chewy, it isn’t tough. the 10 minutes of kneading called for were just too much if you ask me.

  7. Definetly a keeper recipe for me. It’s so easy and adaptable. I made this twice. The first time I added about a cup more of flour than was indicated in the recipe. The second time I tried mixing it longer in the bowl and was able to add less flour. Maybe it had something to do with the humidity in the air? Either way, I really enjoyed the results.

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