Addressing a question…

One of the bakers asked about Persian Naan vs. Oasis Naan.  The second is based on the first, and should she save dough for the first or bake it and save it to blog later.  I will fully admit that we were not paying close enough attention while we were picking these recipes.  (and the pecan sticky buns from last month) I looked in the book after these recipes had been chosen and found out that we opted for a variation.  That’s an oops on my part.  So we’re going to be more careful from here on out.  We’re going to try to make the base recipe first if the variation isn’t a simple one (like making the French Strawberry cake from the genoise batter….)  We will throw the brioche back in the mix, because the bread is an entirely different animal from the buns.  Sorry for the confusion, and for the next little bit, let’s try to get a base recipe or two out of the way so we can move on to some great renditions.

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