Recipe nominations for July, please!

What is on your list of things you’d like to make next?  Is there a base recipe to master before we move on to a great variation?

Leave your choice and page number please.  And as always, this is a NO CHAT post.

Nominations close on 6/15.

21 thoughts on “Recipe nominations for July, please!

  1. Still remember the taste of the yummy white loaves?

    The WHOLE WHEAT LOAVES are even better – I love this one p. 83
    Crème Brûléed Chocolate Bundt – p. 280 – 281

  2. Something with Nectarines, such as Blueberry Nectarine (p 384) or Nectarine Upside-Down Chiffon Cake (p 241), or even the previously mentioned Johnnycake Cobblers (p 389)

    Raspberry-Fig Crostata is a great recipe; I made it last year, but figs don’t come into season for another couple of months.

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