Tuesday Chatter

How did your genoise turn out?  Did you get three layers or two?  Did you stick with strawberry or branch out to another fruit.  Do tell!


32 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. Well, not one, not two, not three
    4 layers….
    (ps: I had a little helper: one of those items that are forever resting in the pantry, but that from time to time come in handy)

    In Switzerland is still strawberry season, so I did not have any problem in finding them, but I have seen that Mireia used an apricot jam and found it delicious.

    PS: can somebody help me with the MILLENIUM QUESTION about this “Genoise”. Was it a real Genoise? ‘Cause what I’ve been reading all around the web and books, the definition of Genoise is a batter made in bain marie…
    I’ve told you that this was the question of the millenium…

    Thank you

  2. Mine dipped slightly in the center so I was only able to make 2 layers. And I also decided to turn it into a trifle instead just so the cake could hold all the strawberry filling.

  3. Two layers here with a slightly doughy bottom half. I have problem solved for this by searching the web and my fellow bloggers and hopefully I know how to fix this for next time. I detailed this learning curve in my post :)

  4. Had a great time making this beautiful cake! Intimidated a bit at the start (after reading the recipe and Dorie’s comments) I followed each step exactly. However, my cake pan is 9″ so I ended up with two lovely layers instead of three. Thank you Dorie for once again teaching me something I didn’t know, stretching my abilities and for helping me to put the crowning touch on our Father’s Day meal! ~ Blessings!

    • I agree it was a bit on the bland side. My husband also pointed this out. Our strawberries were deliciously sweet. I even let the cake slices sit at room temperature a bit after I sliced them. I did find the second day was a bit better. I suppose because the berries and syrup had time to soak in.

  5. I am having to save this recipe for a Make Up Day, as we’re preparing to leave for vacation. We don’t need to gobble up such a gorgeous cake in haste! I want to enjoy the preparation, baking, decorating, and eating without a rush. :)

  6. I managed to get 3 layers – each about 1cm thick… I sliced it mostly frozen, and because it found it to be quite dry, I drenched the layers with some amaretto-simple syrup and modified the strawberries as well to cut out some of the sugar. Next time I’d probably dice rather than slice my berries.

    • Same here… my first attempt was a flop, but the second time around I got three thin layers too. As I found the cake a bit dry, this worked out ok as the strawberries were able to soak this thin layers nicely.

  7. My first reaction to making this cake was fear! I am happy to say the cake turned out wonderfully! I do wish I had more whippped cream. I felt the amount the recipe called for was not enough to frost the cake. It was yummy and I will make it again!

  8. I’ve made a handful of different genoise recipes before, and this one was typical. I got three nice layers. I believe genoise is known to be dry, and usually you’re told to brush the layers with something like a simple syrup. I didn’t do that this time because there was a lot of liquid in the strawberries. But in hindsight, after straining off the strawberries from the juice, I think it could have used more moisture. I used grocery-store strawberries (the season for local strawberries is over), and I wish I’d used more than 1/3 cup sugar. Two things I’ll do differently next time: brush the layers with a syrup (like maybe the leftover strawberry/sugar “juice,”) and use more sugar to macerate the strawberries. Or better yet, make it during strawberry season. But I’d make it again. I’m a big fan of Flo Braker and her cookbooks. (“Flo Braker, the baker,” as Julia was said to have chanted.)

  9. After reading all the comments about only getting 2 layers, I decided to use my 6 inch cake pan instead of the 8. I couldn’t quite fit all of the batter in the pan, but it baked up nice and tall for me. I got three good layers. To add a bit of interest to the genoise, I added poppyseeds. It worked like a charm and now I’m glad I did it reading that others thought the cake was bland.

  10. 7″ removable bottom pan for me. My cake was not dry at all, and not bland. Maybe less cooking time? Even with 7″ pan, I did the lesser cooking time, when I thought I would need longer time. I do have a heavy hand with vanilla as well.

    We really loved this cake. I did raspberry, blackberry and strawberry blend and did one and a half recipe of the cream. Liked that, because I was able to put a bit more on the layers. Never made genoise before, but would make it again. Looked intimidating, but was pretty easy. Just all that waiting!

  11. Let me start off by saying, I’m SO impressed with people making it more than one time. That is dedication! Like the cake wasn’t bland enough, I FORGOT my vanilla. I also noticed after I let it set for half the day I liked it better. I still wouldn’t make it again. It reminded me of the strawberry shortcake things you can buy at the store, I hate them. I prefer angel food. But, I’m glad we tried the recipe!

  12. Like several others, my cake was also dense at the bottom, though I know exactly why. As I poured the batter into the pan, a mass of unincorporated flour was hanging out around the bump in the KA mixing bowl. I returned the batter to the mixing bowl and tried my best to reincorporate the flour, but the damage was done.

    Next time it will be the Perfect Genoise!

  13. Since we faced the challenge of adapting it into a gluten free version, our second attempt was the winning success. We were able to create a triple layer cake and it was amazing. Had a lot of fun making this recipe.

  14. I know I was a little heavy-handed with the batter and I only had a 9″ pan available, so I ended up having one dense (but still good) layer. I’m planning on trying again some time before strawberry season has ended.

  15. I liked the génoise recipe much. Maybe I will try it again, but as there are so many recipes to try. I don’t know when will be its turn again. :)))

    I made with blueberries, but I can imagine that this génoise cake can be amazing with a chocolate cream. :)))

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