Tuesday Chatter

So, did you stick with hazelnuts or did you go rogue?  Do you like the crunchy-ness of this one?  Do tell!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I loved everything about this recipe! I enjoyed it with a coffee break while blogging about it. This was also the first recipe, at least of the ones I’ve made, that didn’t require gobs of butter!

  2. I had a ridiculously long debate with myself at the grocery store over hazelnuts or almonds… I seriously had a tough time deciding. In the end, I went with almonds and of course they came out fabulously. And considering how hot it’s been here, I appreciated that this recipe was super quick to pull together.

  3. Pistachio here! We loved them. I really like how quick and simple they were. I’m already looking forward to trying it again with different flavor combinations.

  4. 1 x Hazelnut
    1 x Almond
    1 x Hazelnut – Almond – Raisins
    … just to be sure :-)

    The flour I’ve used was not only AP but also Whole Wheat.

    but after having seen so many chocolate version so far… I’ll definitely try it:

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