Tuesday Chatter

I know better than to cut into a warm pie.  I did it anyway.


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I cut into the pie basically the second 30 minutes was up. It was a bit runny but I didn’t care in the least. Easily one of my most favorite pies I’ve ever had, or ever made! Absolutely adore this recipe and I found myself craving another pie a day or two after the first one [yes, a day or two after ;) ].

  2. It was really a delicious combination of flavors – may be my new favorite blueberry pie recipe! Though I didn’t make their crust – couldn’t bring myself to use Crisco – though I know lard is great for flaky pie crust.

  3. Mine is patiently waiting to be baked. It’s the boyfriend’s birthday and I’m taking the pie as dessert tonight to his parents’, so will be baking it this afternoon so it has time to cool. *hops from foot to foot impatiently* Looking at everyone’s pictures, I really want to try this pie already!!!

  4. My niece said this was her favourite recipe that we’ve done so far – a pretty good endorsement, I think! We added a tiny bit of cinnamon and nutmeg to the filling, but otherwise stuck to the recipe and it was really good. The only quibble I had was that the dough was a little soft and didn’t hold the shape we gave the edges. I think that means more experimenting with it before summer’s end!

  5. I had to miss out on this pie because I’ve been suffering from some terrible morning sickness! And the place I feel the most ill? The kitchen! I’m hoping this goes away soon because I would really like to be able to bake again! All of your pies look so beautiful, I’m so sorry that I missed out!

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  7. 30 minutes definitely was not long enough for the pie to set! Runniness aside, we loved it. Great combo of fruit. I was amazed how much the lemon zest and juice accentuated the fruit flavors (tasted it before and after adding lemon). Next time I will add another tablespoon of flour in the hopes of helping the filling thicken up some. It was the perfect texture after being refrigerated, but we like our pie warm!

    So will a recipe that uses the rest of the pie dough be on the radar anytime soon?

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