P & Q: Berry Galette

Glad to have a use for some summer berries!  (For those of us in summer….)  Easy as pie?  Easier than pie?


38 thoughts on “P & Q: Berry Galette

  1. Made this last weekend and it was delicious- so summery and fresh. I made the crust gluten-free and it was quite crumbly when I was trying to role it out, so mine wasn’t the prettiest, but it was still super tasty!

  2. I just learned that I really don’t like cooked fruit (except apples) as much as I thought. Made a strawberry galette…no, no, no…not a keeper. The dough was made with sour cream…unusual…unfortunately, not a hit with my ‘taste-testers’.


  3. I’m looking forward to making this one. Considering just rolling the dough out on the parchment paper to avoid the stress of lifting it off the table, especially since the recipe says the dough is fragile. Still trying to decide what fruit to use in it, what are you all going to use? I wonder if raspberry apple would be good.

  4. AH! AH! Last time I did not noticed it, till it was toooo late:
    WATCH OUT: The recipe only requires 1/2 of the galette dough recipe :-)

    Yellow cornmeal: is it the one finely grounded and looks like yellow all purpose flour
    is it the “cruncy one” – the one that is used to make Polenta
    Does it look like this?

    THANK YOU <3

  5. I made the dough with the food processor.
    When I took it out it was very sticky (used yoghurt – and I wonder if 1/3 cup of additional water is not too much).
    Did you have to add some extra flour to your dough in order to “pat it down” into circles?
    PS: the galette is going to be “very tiny”, isn’t it?

  6. I made these last night. Not so impressed. The dough seemed oily to me, weird. It was definitely sticky at first but once baked it was oily. Not flaky like the blueberry nectarine dough. Plus make sure you use a RIMMED baking sheet or you will get a huge mess when the juices run. I liked the filling but the dough is not a keeper. Rats!

    • Hi Sharron, I was afraid of “that runny juice” so I’ve sprinkled the dough with finely grounded almonds and cinnamon. It should retain the juice… it should as they are coming out of the oven right now…
      But so far, no juice “all around” – looks good, so far!

      PS. after the 2h rest in the fridge I still had problems in working with the dough: still too wet!
      So I just put some more flour until it got “elastic”… I was going crazy!

      • It was frozen butter! I don’t know. I did use the buttermilk option as I was at the in-laws house and that was what they had – in a nonfat variety as well (yuck). So maybe that had something to do with it. I think the sour cream option would likely have worked better. I am not too sad. I am certain there are better galette doughs out there and I know there are better pie doughs!

  7. It is now in the oven. I put the dough in the freezer for 10 minutes prior to rolling it out. It is a delicate dough, but I did not find it impossible to roll out. I also added a little extra sugar to the strawberries and plums. I threw in a couple of sliced plums for the heck of it. I also used the honey as suggested. It looks very attractive, but we shall see how it tastes.

  8. It is out of the oven and I am glad I used parchment paper because my berries did run, but that is ok. It looks spectacular and I tasted a tad of it and it is delicious. I did use extra sugar–perhaps an extra tablespoon or 2.

    Oh I hear my husband cutting into the galette. Got to go!

  9. End result of the 2 galettes I made and eat yesterday:
    1) frozen mixed berries + nectarine ( I love this combo from last week) + sugar and vanilla and cinnamon: OMG! Sooo goood!
    2) frozen mixed berries + sugar and vanilla and cinnamon: a bit too tangy.
    I did not use honey in either of them.

    When cold, sprinkeld with powder sugar and looked everywhere for vanilla icecream but my freezer, but it was all gone… What a pity!

    What a delicious dessert!

  10. I just prepared the dough and found that with using buttermilk, you will not need the full 1/3 cup ice water. I mixed the 3 Tbs of buttermilk with 1/4 cup ice water and had about 3 Tbs of liquid left over because the dough was sticky enough.

    • which I did not do and ended up with a sticky dough…wondering why!
      Fortunately the addition of flour did not “ruin” it….
      I’ve loved it!

  11. Ok, why are we having ridiculously hot and humid weather right when I’m having to make buttery pie doughs? I kept my butter and yogurt/water in the freezer until the last possible second and the butter was still melting all over the place as I hurried to wrap the dough up to be chilled! I’m not sure how well it will come out, but there’s only one way to find out! ;)

  12. I used a combo of strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. Listen to the recipe notes and don’t use strawberries because they leaked like crazy. I liked the crust though.

    • You’re right…even the photo shows the fruit juices leaking….I guess that’s part of the charm of a galette!? Anyway, I didn’t like the baked fruit. And, the crust was not a keeper for me.


  13. I haven’t tasted mine yet because I still need to take a photo, but it looks really good. Mine didn’t leak at all, which surprised me. I used the traditional blueberry, raspberry, blackberry mix of berries, so those may not have as much water. Only thing is this galette is much smaller than I anticipated. Mine is maybe 7 inches wide at the most, and will probably not serve more than 3 people. I’m curious why they tell you to cut the dough in half. Next time I might try to just use all of it and make a bigger galette. There is no way I could take this to a party or serve to dinner guests with it being so small.

    • Wah??? How did you get it to not leak!? That’s amazing. Mine made a blueberry canal in my sheet pan, which I have to say, after cooling it, it was quite a tasty fruit leather.

      • Sharon, ditto with the ‘Wah’???? No leaking…where can I buy the berries you bought? lol. Yes, this made small galettes. This is called a Berry Galette. I just learned that strawberries are not berries. But, they are referred as such. Love strawberries. Thought it would work, but, nah, no way. Look forward to seeing your pie.

      • Not so sure why I didn’t have leakage, could be a number of reasons. My oven is probably not as hot as it should be, and the berries, while I did try to find local ones, ended up being the hard grocery store variety that were probably a tad under-ripe. I also only baked it for the 35 minutes, not 40, and one of the sides did just start to turn purple from the inside, so maybe had I left it in a little longer the leakage would have started. I think some leakage can actually be quite beautiful and rustic, so no worries!

  14. Ours turned out great! I used my mixer to mix the dough instead of a food processor because I didn’t feel like digging it out of my cabinet. Maybe that’s why my dough turned out so flaky? I used blueberries and raspberries, and it is definitely tart, My real question though is should I use the extra dough to make another berry galette, or use a giant heirloom tomato to whip up a tomato and cheese pastry that the recipe suggests. Decisions, decisions!

  15. I have worked my way down through the comments and now I guess I will leave mine :) I used triple berries — raspberry, blueberry, and blackberry. I mixed them and sat in the bowl while rolling out the pastry. I did not use the juice in the bottom of my bowl. I spread a lovely layer of cream cheese, vanilla and turbinado sugar then topped with the berries. All in all – absolutely wonderful!

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