Happy 100th Birthday, Julia!

What favorite Julia recipe do you have to share with us?  Hope you raised a glass and ate something fabulous in her honor!

37 thoughts on “Happy 100th Birthday, Julia!

  1. Dorie!!! I just started following you!! What was I thinking I should have done it a long time ago!! I love you and love your blog!!!! You are such an amazing and talented girl!!! We love Julia and our house, but did not see the 100th so we just made a warm spinich salad with bacon and hard boilded eggs for dinner it was yummy! Cheers to you and to Julia!! Cassandra xo

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  3. Just one recipe?? That would be impossible. Every week as I made my TWD recipe I felt like Ms. Greenspan was right by my side. Her recipes were written in such a friendly way–she encouraged me on. She told me not to worry if the batter looked curdled because it surely would come together, and it did!
    Because of Dorie I got to know Julia–what a pair of remarkable ladies!
    When my kids come to visit they always request World Peace Cookies. I’m not sure if that recipe is Dories or Julias. But when I think of one I always think of the other.
    Thank you Dorie and Julia for so much inspiration.

  4. Well I missed doing a Julia dish for her birthday but I’m watching Austin’s PBS’ special “Julia Child Memories: Bon Appetit!” Yes, I will be having an omelet for breakfast!!!

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