Recipe Nominations for September, please!

It’s not fall yet, but it’s in the air!  Please leave your nominations for September.  We’ll be baking on the 4th and 18th.  Perhaps something savory?  Maybe sweet?  A base recipe to build on?  Please include pages and a minimum of chatter.  This post will close on the 18th.


24 thoughts on “Recipe Nominations for September, please!

  1. Please please please:
    – Whole Wheat Loaves p 83
    once you bake this, you’ll always will! Great for breakfast and sandwiches – I promise!!!

    – yogurt Cheese p 456
    (must be delicious with the whole wheat bread) :-)

  2. I’m with everyone on the bialys.
    Apples will be hitting the farmers’ markets, so I nominate French Apple Tart (p. 379-81), too.

  3. From Marcel Desaulniers:
    Oven roasted plum cakes (Italian plums are in season)
    Page 255

    Mocha brownie cake, page 282

    A special request: Italian plums are so wonderful, everyone should try them in their very brief season in early fall. Cheers to all.

  4. I voted for the Nectarine Upside-Down Cake many times in the past so I vote for that as well (even if I did post a different selection above).

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