Tuesday Chatter

Were these the easiest things EVER!  Can’t wait to see how this turned out for everyone!


18 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. Very easy and I will make them anytime with some variations (maybe cheddar cheese and a bit of bacon and chive). I should have used my silicone muffin forms instead of my ramekins. Despite my coating them with Baker’s Joy, the popovers still stuck to the insides…

  2. I had a lot of fun converting this recipe with a gluten-free flour mix – I’ve made these gluten-free before but with a store-bought blend and they had an after taste. My homemade blend worked much better – no after taste and still puffy. I used a popover pan instead of the muffin tin.

  3. I altered my favorite popover recipe to make 6 popovers. The batter fills a standard popover pan perfectly. But I had to post using my iPad and had a really hard time with the WordPress app. Anyone else using an iPad?
    I’m on vacation without a commuter, really roughing it!

  4. These were good! I thought that mine were a little blah without jam/butter/honey…etc. Is that how they are supposed to be? Maybe I need to be more generous with the salt in the batter next time?

  5. Can I ask a sort-of-baking sort-of-food-blogging question here?

    I used to edit my photos in Piknik on Flickr (cropping and adding text for my blog) but it’s no longer available. What’s a good free editing program you all use for your pics (for a non-photoshop savvy lady!).


  6. Hi, I was considering ordering the Popover Pan (the black one) in the UK and let it delivered to Switzerland.
    I’ve read some reviews and people do complain that the paint inside the popover pan peels of.
    Somebody having issues with it?
    Thank you

  7. Has anyone used a popover pan for the recipe? I have one and am deciding if I should buy another one, make the recipe in 2 batches, or use the glass cups for the 2nd batch. From your experience, what is the best pan to use?

    Also, thinking ahead to the Whole Wheat Loaves, I am having a hard time finding malt extract. Is it in powder form or wet? Does it go by another name? What type of store can I buy it? The local beer brewery sells a malt extract in both forms but I am not sure which is the correct one.

    Thanks for your help!

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