Tuesday Chatter

Did you go with the streusel?  What did you sub in for nectarines?  Do tell!


12 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I made the recipe as written. I think my cake needed to cook longer than listed in the recipe, and/or my oven cooks too hot so I had to turn it down a bit at the end so it wouldn’t burn.
    I liked the struesel in and of itself, but I thought with the cake it was a bit sweet and couldn’t taste the cake itself. But I love cake and even on birthdays, I eat cake for cake and not for the icing. I like just a little icing for adding sweetness. But if a cake is moist, the icing is not necessary, in my book.

  2. I fudged the streusel – just having a layer of cinnamon, ginger,and brown sugar. My cake wasn’t very chiffon-y – I have a problem with “folding”. I also didn’t have a springform pan, so I used a Bundt.

  3. It sounds like we’re in the minority here, but we loved the streusel. It added a little complexity of flavour, especially the ginger. We subbed ground candied ginger for the powdered, though, so maybe that made a difference.

    • I am chiming in as part of the streusel minority. Since I baked with grapes, I skipped the ginger and cinnamon. Next time I am thinking of baking this cake with pears and candied ginger in the streusel. Thanks for the idea!

  4. I skimped on the ginger because it’s not my favorite. After reading your comment though, I might try the candied version next time. (It’s just wasting away in my cupboard anyway!) Thanks for the tip.

    • I so understand this!! I have done this several times. I am waiting for the catch up Tuesdays to use up some of the things I have bought!

  5. I made the cake yesterday. I didn’t have a 10-inch springform pan, but I did have a 10×3 solid cake pan. That’s what I used and it worked just fine. I buttered the sides of the pan and put a parchment paper round in the bottom. Instead of melting the butter in the pan, I melted it in another container and poured it into the pan on top of the parchment paper. Then I just followed the rest of the instructions. Baking the cake took about 60-65 minutes (not 45-50). After cooling the baked cake for 25 minutes, I ran a thin knife around the sides and inverted it on a cake plate. It came out of the pan perfectly, looked beautiful, and got rave reviews at my house.

  6. I went with the streusel and it was actually my husband’s favorite part! He said it added a pleasant extra flavor in the middle…and I have to say, I agree – the slight bite of ginger paired beautifully with the nectarines. I did not use up all the streusel and ended up sprinkling some on ice cream/oatmeal later in the week. Like everyone else, my cake was in the oven a little over 10 minutes longer than the recipe indicated…however, I did use a smaller pan (9″ springform)…maybe that was the difference?

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