Tuesday Chatter

How did your bread turn out?  Is this one a keeper?  What did you do to tweak it?

19 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. This bread is so versatile:
    I made it “natural”, with cranberries and pecan nuts, with raisins and almonds, sprinkled with seeds and grains…

    Would like to add some rosemary, one day!

    I love it! And been baking it so often… The baker’s in our village has long forgotten about my existence.

    The only thing I never managed to is getting a “creamy yeast” after the 5 minutes!
    But don’t worry, the bread does rise (and how!!!).

    • I like your ideas for additions of dried fruits, nuts and seeds. I agree a wonderful bread. Even my husband liked it and he’s not big on wheat bread. Definitely a keeper!

    • I’m sorry that your bread didn’t turn out well! It happens that way sometimes. My suggestions are to make sure that your yeast is not expired. Your bread should have risen quite a bit more. You can even add a little extra yeast to your breads if they don’t rise the way they should. And, I think your bread would benefit from quite a bit more kneading. It should be smooth when it’s ready to rise. And maybe use less flour. I know that where I live I always need less flour in my recipes.

      E-mail me any time if you have any questions. I’m not a bread expert, but I do bake it quite often. mdurante AT comcast DOT net

    • Oh, no!!! So sorry to hear it didn’t turn out. Your yeast could have been expired — so sad after all that hard work. One key is definitely to knead it for a nice LONG time until very elastic and smooth….lots of elbow-grease or a standing mixer is needed :) Good luck next time!

    • It looks like it either was not kneaded enough or was torn when it was being shaped. I don’t think it is a yeast problem, because it looks like it rose. It looked more wet than my dough did… does it effect the flavor or texture of the bread, or just the upper crust? Sorry… I know how frustrating it can be to follow directions to a “t” and have it turn out less than perfect.

  2. This bread is a keeper for me. It rose very nicely and I used molasses. Very rich flavor. Unfortunately, I baked it too late in the day and then it started to rain. I couldn’t get any good photos. But I really like this recipe and would use it again:)

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