Tuesday Chatter

How did these turn out for you!  Simple, and you never need to buy them frozen again.  Or, I have great bagel places near my house and while this was a fun experiment, I’m happy to buy them.  Do tell!

12 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. Am with the camp…I have great little bakery near my house .. I’ll buy them from there!! while enjoyed my bagels.. found the whole process a bit tedious.. and the dough was a bit too sticky and wet for my liking!!

  2. I enjoyed the bagels – making them and eating them! It’s a bit of a process, but I could see myself doing them once a month or so. I really like that I can control the size and the flavorings. A little tedious, but fun!

  3. Lucky to have made them finally… a pity I didn’t start before.
    They bring taste and joy to our breakfast table.
    I’ll make them again? Definitely.

  4. I actually enjoyed making these! I used my KA for the mixing, did the overnight rest – so the only labor intensive part was the shaping, boiling, and baking and it seemed worth it because they were delicious! I will probably do this again…

  5. Hi, I’ve must have gone through all the blogs that posted the LYL link (if by any mistake I did not visit yours, please contact me and I’ll be delighted to come and see your bagels).

    What I’ve noticed and made me a bit sad, is that the “last LYLs” often (if not always) get the less comments and visits.

    This is such a pity.
    Could we do something about it?

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