P & Q: Best Ever Brownies

This does beg the question….  how do we ensure these are the best ever?  What do we need to know?


23 thoughts on “P & Q: Best Ever Brownies

  1. so, i baked these last weekend and have to say that they needed quite a while in the oven. she suggested checking @ 23 minutes and i let them go another 20 minutes since it was soupy a 23 minutes. once they were cooled & I started to cut into them, it was more like a pudding cake. i am sure the taste would be good, but i was going for brownies. i threw them back into the oven for another 20-30 minutes. they still seemed raw but as they cooled, they seemed to solidify a bit and were “cuttable” instead of “scoopable.” i am going to try again this week to see if a complete baking time of 60 minutes will work best.

    did anyone else run into this? did i read something wrong?

    • Mine also took a lot longer than the recipe states. At first I thought it was the oven I was using as I was not at home, but then figured out later it was the recipe. Mine baked for a good 15-20 minutes longer. They turned out great- chewy and gooey but not raw at all. May be tough to replicate not knowing exactly how long they took.

    • It had happened with me….after baking them fr straight 40 minutes….i let them cool and when i tried to cut them…its seemed as if i was cutting a pudding….just like u mentioned….what did u do ?!

  2. I made these before the group started so I don’t remember how long I baked them but I did note that it was much longer than the recipe called for. Good brownies but (spoiler alert) not my favorite brownie recipe.

  3. I used a parchment paper bottom in my pan and cooked them for 32 minutes (the knife I inserted into the center was a little wet at the bottom). They sat for 45 minutes before cutting into them. They were cake like and a bit crumbly inside. They were good cake brownies.

  4. 28 minutes and still raw and soupy. Throwing them back in the oven for another at least 15 minutes. I cooked these in a square cake tin, not a glass or ceramic dish ans would have imagined that they would cook faster in tin. Not the case. Cross now because there will be no light to photograph them today once they are done.

  5. Today I made the brownies. After reading all these comments, I was highly skeptical, to say the least!

    BUT I didn’t have any problem at all. I baked for 30 minutes and they are… perfect. Absolutely delicious. I do have a hunch that my oven runs hot though, and I baked them in a regular metal pan.

  6. I am also chiming in that the baking time needs to be increased. I baked the brownies for 35 min in a 8 inch glass pan lined with buttered aluminum foil. Really delicious recipe!

  7. i used a ceramic dish with the dimensions of 9×5 and it baked up in about 28 minutes and yielded a dense and fudgy brownie. my only complaint is with the way the recipe was written. the instructions regarding the sugar and eggs was confusing. why not simply state that you should whip 1/2 cup of sugar with 2 eggs until thick, whisk 1-1/2 cups of sugar and 2 eggs into the chocolate mixture? the way the procedure to mix everything was written had me completely unsure of what to do. I must have read it half a dozen times before it made sense.

  8. I baked these in a 9×13 pan for 30 minutes. Turned out fine – I like my brownies a little under-done but got distracted… otherwise I would have pulled them out five minutes sooner.

  9. Do you all think this recipe is worth making with only semisweet chocolate chips for the chocolate? I have a 5 lb bag of Ghirardelli chocolate chips and am not inclined to buy 2 more packages of chocolate for the brownies. Thoughts? Thanks :)

    • Okay, my husband really wanted a dessert so I went ahead and made the brownies with semisweet chocolate chips for the chocolate. Like several others have said, my brownies took a lot longer to bake- about 50 minutes. They looked pretty light brown because of the milder chocolate and are not the most beautiful brownies ever. I wasn’t expecting a whole lot, but yowza! They’re REALLY good! I let them cool for about 45 minutes and we had still warm pieces. Chewy crust, fudgy, moist, chocolaty, and a little chewy (in a good way!) inside, and that delightful crackly top that good brownies get. My husband said they’re the best brownies he’s ever had, and he’s a brownie lover. Will definitely make them again and be sure to buy the right kind of chocolate next time! I will also experiment with a larger baking dish so they’re thinner. My one bit of advice to people who still need to make these is to go ahead and grease your baking dish even though the recipe says not to.

      Now I’m off to try and resist eating another brownie…

  10. I made them last night. They took only about 28 minutes to bake. I probably could have pulled them at 25, but the center was a little too jiggly for comfort. I used a metal pan, and I’m wondering if the bakers whose brownies required a longer baking time used metal pans or glass.

    The brownies are OK. I have another brownie recipe that I use almost exclusively; I’m not sure the Best Ever Brownies are going to be revisited.

    • Chris, I used glass. If I recall correctly, the recipe even says to use glass. If I’d taken mine out at 28 minutes, they would have been liquid still. At 50 minutes, when I stuck in the knife, it came out gooey but no longer liquid. They are the perfect texture- very moist and fudgy and yes, gooey- even a couple of days later. So interesting the vast time differences! Chris, did you use a 9 by 9 pan like the recipe says? I used a 7 by 11 because I don’t have a 9 by 9 and that was the closest I could get in regards to number of square inches. Only 4 square inches off. Of course the pan is more rectangular but it would seem odd that the baking time had to be doubled as a result.

    • Mine were in the oven just under 30 minutes in a ceramic pan I’ve had for ages. I was hoping they might continue to cook a bit as they cooled; they didn’t. The brownies seem cooked about right within a few inches of the edges, but the upper half anywhere in the interior is uncooked batter.

      Tasty, but not what would qualify as a baked good.

  11. I baked them for 28 minutes, but used an 8″ square pan. They were great…very very gooey. As someone else mentioned, they reminded me of a pudding cake. I was skeptical, because I have a brownie recipe that I’ve been using for about 20 years that has more chocolate, and I didn’t think these could measure up. They were delicious. I loved the texture.

  12. I baked them in a ceramic 7 x 11 pan. They took about 30 minutes. I let them cool about 15 minutes and then took them out (I lined the pan with parchment.) The outside edges were over-cooked, so I cut away the outside inch all the way around. We tasted them while they were still warm and the next day. They were WAY better after they’d cooled completely. The texture is almost mousse-like, melt-in-your-mouth. Are they my favorite brownie? You’ll have to read my post to find out. ;)

  13. I baked mine in a cast iron 9 inch square pan because it was the only 9″ square pan I had. I really couldn’t tell by the instructions how to tell if they were done, so I pulled them out at 28 mins even though they were kind of liquid in the middle, but set on top. I was worried about the pan staying hot and continuing to cook them, so I pulled them out anyway. They are still cooling and the heat from the pan seems to be continuing to cook them. I’ll let you know!

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