Recipes for December!

We’re posting on the 4th and 18th?  What would you like to bake?  Please choose one or two recipes and provide page numbers.  Looking forward to some deliciousness!


19 thoughts on “Recipes for December!

  1. I second (or third, fourth, nth) Gingerbread Baby Cakes and Finnish Pulla. It would be especially nice to do the Pulla for Dec. 18, as I and I suspect many others will have plenty of sweets on tap for Christmas.

  2. I am nominating Swedish Oatmeal Hardtack on page 162 and Chocolate Mint Nightcaps on page 309. The hardtack because it will be nice to have something kind of healthy and not sweet in the midst of all the holiday cookies and desserts (they would probably also make a good appetizer with assorted spreads!) and the nightcaps because mmmmm, chocolate, mint, and Christmas go together!

  3. I say for a cookie either cantucci pg 314 or chocolate mint night caps pg 309. And then pick either gingerbread baby cakes pg 247 or Finnish pulla pg 106

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