Posing a question….

We’ve asked people to step up each month and become a “host” for a given recipe. The host (often) provides a photo for the LYL post and puts up the recipe on his/her site. Since we’ve asked that you not post the recipe and that we direct people to purchase the book if they’d like to try it themselves, a host seemed like a good idea.

Fewer and fewer people are signing up to host recipes each month.

My question — do we need a host? Many of these recipes are already floating around the web, and you can see video of Julia baking them with her chef friends.

Weigh in, please!


30 thoughts on “Posing a question….

  1. my thoughts…

    It would have benefited having a list of all the bloggers in this group. The hosts could have been established from this list, (with blog names listed in alpha order). It would be clear who was next. If the blogger can’t host, they would contact you. You’d advise the next person in the list to host. The person who couldn’t host would go to the end of the line.

    It would be easier if the Admins could decide what is to be baked. We are baking everything from this book, so what does it matter if we decide or you decide?

    Whatever you conclude is cool by me.

    Thanks for your Admin efforts… ;)


  2. I kinda like the idea of having hosts. I don’t make it to every baker’s blog every week, though I make a point to always visit the host blog(s) each week. With hosting rotating amongst the bakers, I figure I’ll eventually visit each blog at least once. If transcribing the week’s recipe is a deterrent for more people hosting, I wouldn’t mind dropping that relaxing that requirement.

    I also like how recipe choices are put to the group. I still suspect Jules and/or Laurie occasionally make an executive decision to keep us from doing all sweets, or baking too many things chocolate in a row.

  3. I favor the motto, ” keep it simple”. Hosts are not necessary to keep the group active. I totally appreciate what the Admins do to coordinate & it’s fine with me if they choose the recipes. Thank you, Beverly

  4. I like having a host – and would be happy to host again, I haven’t volunteer lately, since I had a shot last spring. I do really like being able to direct readers to a recipient host.

  5. I was amazed at the increased traffic to my site the time I hosted. It was really cool. I am a new blogger so maybe that is why. I loved it and would do it again. I vote for keeping the host. And it is kind of fun to nominate the recipe and then see if it is picked. Just my thoughts.

  6. I like having a host! It can be difficult to find some of the actual recipes online and I would feel kind of like a jerk telling blog readers about the awesome recipes I’ve made for this group and not have any way for them to get the recipe themselves without purchasing the book. As much as I personally love the book, I don’t think someone should have to buy the book if just 1 recipe we blog about catches their eye. Something else to consider is that not everyone who wants to host has had the opportunity yet, and there will undoubtedly be more people joining the group down the line who would probably like to host. In my opinion, it’s okay if we have some repeat hosts, too!

  7. I have mixed feelings. I enjoyed hosting and got a kick out of the increased traffic, I do feel badly telling my readers to go to another site or buy the book. My vote is to keep a host, but loosen up the no recipe guidelines. I didn’t put my name in again since I’ve already hosted, but I’m happy to host agaiin… And again, Thanks for seeking our opinions. I’m happy with any ideas you Institite. Cheers!

  8. I’m easy – do what works for you and the group. Sounds like everyone wants to keep it the way it is other than being able to post the recipe as well. I’ve hosted and wouldn’t mind hosting again if it stays the way it is. You two do an awesome job at keeping this group/site going – thanks! I’m sure it is more work than anyone realizes.

  9. I’m probably in the minority here, but I am not keen on being a host. I have no problem with other people hosting; it’s just not something I’m personally interested in doing. I have an unofficial rule with my site that I only post recipes that I myself develop (which is very, very rare). I just don’t feel comfortable writing out a whole recipe that’s already professionally published and is easy to find at a bookstore or a library. Again, I realize that that’s just my opinion. I’m totally cool with whatever’s decided, I’m just not real excited about personally hosting. I think other bakers would do a much better job at it!

  10. I like having the hosts. I think it’s nice to have the increased traffic, and I do always make a point to visit the host’s site, even if I can’t visit too many others. I always direct people to the amazon link to buy the book and the host site as well.
    I’d volunteer to do it again, even though I just hosted over the summer

  11. I also try to go to at least the hosts site and the sites of any who comment on my site. I just don’t have time to go to everyone’s link. I really try to encourage everyone to purchase the book and direct them to the Amazon site, but it is nice to have the recipe in a place where I know they can find it.

  12. Hi,

    For me this question is difficult. Before I joined this group I had never blogged nor had a desire to, just a desire to cook well. It took me 6 months to figure out how to use the blog and I went through several passwords before I finally at least figured out how to post a comment! Further, I do not own digital camera to post pictures! I do have a very good computer with excellent access and an average knowledge how to use it. The only way I could host would be to post the recipe on the blog with World Press. No pictures. I am willing to do that but I feel like I am short changing the rest of the group with these wonderful websites. I bought the book and it brings me joy in the kitchen making recipes that I would probably never make. My family always asks, “Is this Tuesday baking day?” I love that! My problem is the blogs I go to as hosts are fabulous and full of info, pixs and news on food. Mine will never be like that. It would just be on a page with the recipe. I wonder if anyone else feels like me?


    • Hey, Kathi, I just wanted to let you know that I feel like that sometimes too! My blog is not exclusively about food, so I don’t go all-out with the foodie photos and news either. I started with this group to learn to be a better baker, but not necessarily make a better web presentation. My focus has always been on the writing, and that’s probably how it’s going to stay!

  13. I do like the practice of having a host. I haven’t volunteered yet, but plan to in the future. I’ve actually had to take a break from blogging for a couple months to take care of a medical issue, so it would be nice to know the opportunity will exist once I’m ready to come back. I agree that it can boost a fledgling blogger’s traffic. I’m unsure if the publishing a recipe debate is even on the table or not, but I’m torn about it. On one hand, I understand and highly revere the need to support the published work of another. On the other hand, given that most of these recipes could probably be found online somewhere (i.e. via the host), I’m not sure we’re really stopping anything. It would make things a lot easier for our readers and even for ourselves if we didn’t have the book handy.

  14. I like having hosts. I think having one or two spots to check out helps to build the community of bakers. I do wonder how many of us are on-and-off the wagon about posting our results and maybe that’s why there’s a hesitation to volunteer? I haven’t quite gotten into the swing of it, so I haven’t offered, but if I can find a rhythm I’d be happy to host!

    • Kate, this has happened to me as well. There are a couple of recipes that I most certainly made but never posted about because I forgot. Whoops! Now it looks like I missed a couple of months even though I really did make the recipes.

  15. I like the idea of hosting…I am new to blogging. I have baked every recipe so far and was finally feeling up to trying to host and put in for it this month (November). I didn’t get chosen so I am guessing there are still a few of us still available to try. I like Carmen’s idea about having a list so that it is predictable whose turn it is each month. It really shouldn’t matter which recipe each person gets to host…we are baking them all anyway. That would make it easier on the administrators…I am also fine with them picking the recipes since we will be baking them all eventually.

  16. I haven’t hosted yet but totally loved the idea to visit the hosting blogs.
    I think, being the host of the recipe makes you put even more love and effort in what you make… I think…
    It does bring more traffic to the hosting blog, which is great! A reward for the effort put in writing down the recipe (sometimes sooo long), tanking a lot of picture and provide a step by step.

    I love the idea that we can choose the recipe and with some “luck” it will be chosen from you, our great admin.
    It makes us going through the book and do some research.

    If I can rise this topic again, I find it sad, that the people that put their LYL last get only little visits from the members of the group… First come-first visit…
    Is there something we could do to change this?

    A huge thank you to the admins for putting so much effort in this group. It’s a wonderful big family and I love to be part of it.

  17. I like having hosts – it’s easy to miss folks when there are so many participants and I feel that I give the month’s hosts a little extra attention. It’s an extra incentive that gets us to know the group better, over time. Paul’s idea of having a blog roll would help, too, I think.

    As for choosing the recipes, I like the conversations and reasoning that goes into the suggestions, but if the Admins wanted to take care of this, I don’t think it would be a detriment.

  18. I love the host idea. I don’t have a ton of time to go through all of the links and this way I always get to see how different people blog/photograph their experiences. The last few times when there haven’t been pictures posted on the main LYL I have been disappointed, but I am all about the visual. So..thats my two cents. :)

  19. I like having hosts. Then someone in the group posts the recipe and everyone else doesn’t have to type it out. I think having a host we all link to keeps the group a little more cohesive. I am excited to host in the future if it’s still an option. :)

  20. Yes, please let’s have hosts. I love to have somewhere to direct readers to get the recipe. I also wish the host would have her post up and posted a few hours before midnight. International bloggers start posting well before midnight. It would be helpful to have the actual post to link to not just the blog (then one must go back and change it and that’s annoying).
    Speaking of annoying…..I try and visit each blog and comment, I can and I enjoy it. It’s been so fun to meet new bloggers. What I don’t love is the, ‘prove your not a robot’ jumbled letter/number mess. Sometime it takes me 3 tries before I get it right. I have over 400 blog posts and have had very few bad comments actually make it thru to my blog. There are so many safety features built into blogger. You can always preview all comments before they are published.
    It just discourages the legit commenter. Leave a comment on you own blog and see what you have to do, then make changes if needed. I only make this comment because I really want to visit all blogs–please help me out!
    Yes, I would be a host anytime!

    • I totally agree with how difficult it is for me to leave a comment on blogspot. Many times it just won’t allow me even with multiple tries…it has gotten to where I stick with mostly wordpress. Why is it so difficult??

  21. I like having a host. I haven’t thrown my name in recently because I have hosted already and wanted to leave it open for those who haven’t had a chance, but would always be willing to host again.
    I hope people don’t hold back from hosting because they feel self-conscious. Each person brings something different to the table – whether it be writing, pictures, kitchen wisdom or even a really awesome personality & spirit. I enjoy all the different perspectives…

  22. I like the hosting thing too. I love getting introduced to bloggers with whom I’m not familiar. I do try to visit as many bloggers as possible on LYL. (BTW, I”m on blogger, and have turned off the jumbled letter thing and haven’t had any problems – I hate that too).

  23. I’m a little late with the discussion but want to weigh in. I like having the host because I wouldn’t make a recipe that I can’t share in some way with my readers. I haven’t offered to host because I always see there are others and I guess I have been waiting for the “right” recipe … whatever that may be.

    I am willing to host and hope that host site continues.

    I like visiting other blogs but I have a lot of trouble leaving comments on the sites that require the numbers and captcha — I often times give up and move on.

    Guess that is it. Love baking with the group. I am definitely learning a lot!

    Thank you!

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