Looks like we’re sticking with hosts!

Thank you, everyone, for your thoughtful comments. It seems that more people like the idea of having hosts. As long as I keep getting volunteers, I’m happy to have folks host the recipes. Thank you for continuing to encourage folks to buy the book. Just some information for you all – we have almost 500 bakers who signed up (and continue to sign up) but only about 75 who bake along any given week. We ask that you bake at least once a month to be considered to host. People who haven’t hosted have dibs over those who have. Only 10-12 people volunteer to host any given month. Anyway….


December 4 – Gingerbread Baby Cakes on pages 247-248 hosted by Karen of Karen’s Kitchen Stories

December 18 – Finnish Pulla on page 106 hosted by Erin of The Daily Morsel

Thanks for stepping up! And please e-mail me a photo a day or two early if you can.


10 thoughts on “Looks like we’re sticking with hosts!

  1. I was just wondering also about when you can’t keep up but want to come back. Are you welcome back? and is it only hosting that you can do? I feel like a failure!

  2. I’m glad we’re sticking with hosts. I always try to link back to them. It’s nice to give my readers the option to try a recipe or two.

    I didn’t know that you had so few people volunteer to host. I’ll be sure to volunteer in January. Thanks for everything you do!

  3. is there a chance of getting the recipes that are coming up for the next month posted on the recipe schedule page also? it would save the trouble of looking through old posts for them.

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