Tuesday Chatter

These made the house smell heavenly. Did you go the “baby” route? Did you change it up? That was a lot of molasses!

31 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I don’t care for gingerbread very much…and, I was really busy this week…couldn’t make it. I will find someone who likes it and will make it for them. Until then, this recipe will be on hold.


  2. We’re pretty much crazy about ginger in this house. I make a line of ginger jams. Boy, do I cook with ginger.

    This gingerbread came out VERY gingery. I minced the nice fresh juicy ginger – and I didn’t use more than was called for. I added a bit more black pepper to make the ginger “pop.” I admit, I used less molasses (good ol’ Grandma’s), and replaced the 1/2 c of liquid with strong coffee and maple syrup. Neither my DH or I felt that the molasses was overpowering.

    We’ve been hunting for a gingerbread recipe that would make us swoon…and WHOO HOOO, I think this is the one! Stellar texture, excellent crumb, and a WOWZA flavor. Knock me out, I didn’t expect this recipe to taste and feel this way!

    For the record, I used muffin tins and a very small – oh 5 or 6″ – springform pan. The batter set, rose, cracked and flattened. Perfect. I was neurotic about timing, since I was using odd shaped pans, but, the cakes came out perfect.

  3. Hi,

    I am so glad to read all the comments as I am sitting here very red faced! I had everything mixed and ready to go. Had checked all my ingredients, except the molasses, which I was sure I had. And you guessed, no molasses! I will pick some up and continue baking! And a word to the wise, never assume!


  4. I made the cakes last night, but have not tasted them yet. As the cakes were finishing baking, there was some concern that spillage had occurred in the oven due to the overwhelming aroma of something burning. I suspect it was the overriding scent of the espresso powder.

  5. So glad I read your comments before I baked! I used 1 cup of molasses and 1/2 c. of coffee and 1/2 c. of maple syrup and I could still taste the molasses! I didn’t have any espresso powder on hand so I added the cocoa instead. I think it’s a very complex gingerbread with strong notes of coffee and cocoa.

  6. I brought them in to work. Consensus? Over 30 thought YUM! 30 and below thought yuck! (And one 19yr old asked what was wrong with the brownies…) Won’t be making these again.

  7. Just a question..How many of the BWJ posts do you look at and leave comments? Do you just comment on the people who comment on your blog or do you wander around and look at different blogs ? Having 80 plus blogs is a ton to look at. But I do see some blogs with no comments or 1 to 2 and others with 24 plus.

    • I have wondered the same. I have the links sent to my email. That way I can look at them at leisure and don’t have to scroll through the LYL and remember where I left off and delete as I go. I try to get to all of them and comment. There are some due to technical difficulties that I am not able to reply. And of course it depends on if I have finished before the next post!

      • I like the idea of having the links go to my email. How do I set that up? I feel bad for the bakers that get one or two comments. I wish there was a way to rotate blogs so we all get comments, but Im not smart enough to figure that out:)

  8. Wow, this cake sure was met with mixed reviews. I actually loved it — I loved the spicy, the stout, the coffee, the texture. But then again I’m not much of a dessert person so I’m always excited when a dessert has lots of savory qualities. That being said, i have better gingerbread recipes up my sleeve so this one is not on the top of the list to make again.

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