P & Q: French Apple Tart

This one looks easy. Is it?


31 thoughts on “P & Q: French Apple Tart

  1. I tried to make it while my apple-pie-loving boyfriend was in town. I made the crust one morning, but then ran out of time with prep for a New Years party. Alas, I left it out too long and never made the filling, so now I’ll have to start all over again. The apples are still in a bowl on my counter.

    I’m curious: Does anyone think the tart would work in a pie pan instead of a tart pan? I am not sure I can fit another pan in my kitchen.

  2. Hello bakers! I am interested in trying this recipe and using Splenda instead of sugar. My daughter has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and I bought some granulated Splenda to bake with yesterday. I made a banana bread using 1/2 sugar, 1/2 Splenda and it was great. Is anybody else in the same boat? Tips are appreciated!

      • I have lots of experience baking with stevia. Let’s just say… I’ve made my share of inedible dishes! I think it’s risky substituting all the sugar in a recipe, since sugar contributes to browning, texture, etc. But, since the sugar in the tart filling seems to be mostly for sweetness, this looks like a good recipe for sugar alternatives to me.

        I’ve fallen off the wagon with the last few recipes, but I hope to try this one!

  3. I found these videos of the Baking with Julia episode with Leslie Mackie to be helpful.

    (If the links don’t work for some reason, go to youtube.com and search for Leslie Mackie. There are 2 episodes – Perfect Tarts 1 and 2.)

    I had already made the filling when I discovered these episodes. I notice that in the book, the recipe calls for adding the fluffy white breadcrumbs to the apples before baking. In the video, the crumbs are added after the apples baked. I didn’t redo the filling, and my tart was delicious..

    By the way, a couple of years ago, I decided I was going to get comfortable making pie crusts if it killed me. I tried many different recipes from many different cookbooks – all butter, all shortening, etc. The recipe for pie crusts in the Baking with Julia cookbook won out over all the others I tried and has become my go-to recipe.

  4. I made this for our Christmas Eve dessert and I thought it was beautiful and relatively easy, if a little time consuming. This was my first tart crust that didn’t shrink a lot so I was pretty excited about that. I did use the recipe in the book for the crust and tried to quarter it correctly and I think it worked. All in all, I would definitely make this one again. Not too sweet and it was a real showstopper lookswise.

  5. I used a 10-inch tart pan, and it worked out fine. I had plenty of filling, used two apples for the top with leftover pieces. I agree with an earlier comment that it’s relatively easy, looks beautiful, but is a bit time consuming. I used all butter for the crust, and it was still flaky. And I forget to add the bread crumbs and didn’t miss the omission.

    • Good to know regarding the bread crumbs. I did not want to buy a loaf of bread for only 1/2 cup. I’m assuming the recipe means white bread crumbs since it calls for “fluffy” crumbs.

      • I made the tart today & you definitely better allocate some time for this recipe. Did not buy white bread; I had some homemade 1/2 wheat 1/2 white that I used

  6. After reviewing the videos posted above I am re-thinking the bread crumb issue. The purpose of the crumbs is to soak up any additional liquid. Thanks for your post Bev! I plan on making this tomorrow and have a full day to do this. I’m thinking I will process my multi-grain bread and see how it turns out. Fingers crossed!

  7. I’ve made the tart twice now. The first time, I was low on apples. I make jams and conserves. I had a couple jars of Apple-Honey-Pecan conserve left from the farmers’ market. So, I spread a jar of that on the crust, the piled on the caramelized filling, and topped with the sliced apples. Yep. Out of this world and into the next. The second time I made the tart…?

  8. i cut the recipe in half and made it in two mini pie pans. when i made the filling, i forgot the bread crumbs-not a problem at all since the filling set up nicely. to top the pies, i used slices of pears and they worked out beautifully.

  9. I guess my bread crumbs were not “fluffy” enough…I don’t like anything close to a soggy crust and something needs to absorb the apples juices. My crust was just a tiny bit too moist to remove perfectly from my tart pan. The idea of this tart is lovely, however, for us it is too tart, or sour,(with sour Granny Smiths and lemon juice) and has a bit too much moisture to be a confidently removable tart…even the photo on P 354 keeps it in the pan….the slices are nice, but removable as a whole tart is iffy. Just some FYI if you’ve not yet baked this one.

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