Tuesday Chatter

How did this one turn out for you? Do you need/want to make it again? Do tell!


7 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. The crust was great, it stayed light and flaky even on a hot summers day in Sydney. I will use the crust for other tarts.

    I also really liked the apple tart, it is so pretty. The tart will be a special occasion dessert as it takes time to prepare.

  2. Hi,

    I liked this tart very much and so did my family. I used dehydrated apples. I just wanted to try them again. I used them in an emergency for Thanksgiving. I was pleasantly surprised. The tart did not brown as I would have liked and as some of the other cook’s pixs, but the favor was so intense that made up for it! It is nice to know that all those apples I dried in the fall can be used for a very fancy tart! We added ice cream….Yum!


  3. Hi everyone! I’m wondering if you could tell me if this group is closed to new members? I’ve been admiring everyone’s beautiful tarts, have submitted my blog info, but I don’t seem to find a current recipe schedule. I love this book and would be thrilled to bake from it with everyone! : )

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