3 thoughts on “Tuesday Chatter

  1. I liked how little active time this took, and the flavor was very good – but why was my bread flatter than I expected? The photo in the cookbook led me to think that it would be puffy and soft, but mind was more like the texture of thick pizza crust. Possible causes that occur to me:
    – Yeast not active ( but it rose really well, and the yeast is almost new)
    – Dough didn’t warm up enough after coming out of the fridge (possible – still felt cool as I shaped it)

  2. I really liked it. I loved being able to come home from work and bake the bread. I had my husband take it out of the fridge around 4 pm, and I was able to bake it by 6. It was dinner for me. =) I did not do the slashing, and have a hard time understanding why you would do that with focaccia. I also baked mine on oiled pans rather than a pizza stone.

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